Obama’s Need for Teleprompter
Not Debatable After Debate

By Jim Berlin

On the morning after Wednesday night’s presidential debate Barack Obama addressed an outdoor rally of adoring supporters at the edge of a Colorado lake.

Casually attired in a black jacket over an open-collar shirt, he was his usual charismatic self: spirited, animated, inspired – reeling off incisive retorts to arguments made by Mitt Romney the night before. Saying all the clever things he failed to say when his opponent pounded him tender like a piece of meat and slapped him on the griddle to fry.

And every word the President spoke at the Colorado rally…was read from a teleprompter.

An open-air rally, an adoring crowd, years of intimate familiarity with the issues, and he and his advisors still did not trust him to speak from the heart.

Or even from the head. The words that he spoke at the rally were not his own.

They were written by others who toiled late into the night to get them to the teleprompter on time. The teleprompter, of course, was absent the night before – an arrangement apparently so disconcerting for Obama that he sulked and grimaced for

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much of 90 minutes before an audience of 50 million.

Either Mr. Obama overestimated himself or underestimated Mitt Romney. It’s not a mistake he will make again.

The question is whether it will matter.

Debate number two? Again, no teleprompter for the President.

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