“Seal Team Six” Movie Hopes
To Get Out the Vote for Obama

By Jim Berlin

“Seal Team Six,” a film about killing Osama bin Laden that airs on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night, was produced by one of Obama’s star Hollywood supporters: Harvey Weinstein.

The timing of the release – 36 hours before the polls open Tuesday – is a coincidence only if you live with Alice in Wonderland. Weinstein bleeds big passion and even bigger campaign contributions for the President, and a prominent theme in the movie is bin Laden might still be living the high life if not for our fearless leader.

All one needs to know about Mr. Obama’s actual knowledge of anything military was embarrassingly displayed during his 2010 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, two years after becoming Commander-in-Chief. The President was reading a heartwarming story from his teleprompter about Navy corpsman Christian Brossard. So far so good.

Unfortunately, each time he referred to the sailor he called him “Corpse-man Brossard.” It is correctly pronounced, of course, as Core-man, just like the Corps in Marine Corps.

The media let Obama slide on that one, blaming the overworked dudes who fill his teleprompter for not phonetically spelling out this most mysterious of military words: corpsman.

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One can only cringe at what might have fell from the Commander-in-Chief’s lips if Corpsman Brossard had been an Army colonel instead.

“What in hell,” Prayer Breakfast attendees would have asked, “is a Coal-on-el?”

If Harvey Weinstein were granted total creative license, “Seal Team Six” would feature Obama in full tactical gear with a bayonet in his teeth, fast-roping from a helicopter onto the roof of bin Laden’s compound.

Navy corpsemen and folks in the Marine Corpse would pay big money to see that.

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