Obama a Lousy Horse Trader:
Swaps Terrorists for a Bad GI

 By Jim Berlin

In the Old West a clever horse trader could start off with a broken down nag and – through incremental improvements as he swapped horse-after-horse – wind up with a stallion any cowboy would be proud to own.

If President Obama had been an Old West horse trader he would have wound up holding the leash to a three-legged raccoon with one good eye.

The president’s latest trade was typical. He released five leading Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo – jihadist crazies who can’t wait to kill more Americans – in exchange for one U.S. soldier named Bowe Bergdahl. And this is a soldier in name only.

He either handed himself over to the Taliban or was taken captive after deserting his guard post in Afghanistan. Six real U.S. soldiers died in the ensuing search for Bergdahl, a man who later told his parents in an email that he is “ashamed to be an American.”

None of these inconvenient facts have dampened plans for a big welcome-back reception in Bergdahl’s hometown. The citizens of Hailey, Idaho are already hanging yellow ribbons and promoters say “thousands will attend” the ceremonies.

If someone were looking for a good place to unload a three-legged raccoon with one good eye, Hailey, Idaho looks like a great place to start.

Don’t be surprised if Mr. Obama is there when Bowe Bergdahl comes – not marching – but crawling home.

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Swaps Terrorists for a Bad GI

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