Is Trump an “Idiot Savant”?

 By Jim Berlin 

I’m convinced Donald Trump is just a clown-car-length short of being an idiot savant – someone whose brain is embarrassingly deficient in every category save one.

But in that single category of saving grace – be it math, memorization, music – the idiot savant performs at a level so astounding it flirts with the supernatural.

Trump’s single saving grace has been the world of business and the art of the deal. Period.

Unable to spar with gifted opponents on a cerebral level, he simply defaults to the tactics of a 13-year-old schoolyard bully. His detractors are “stupid” or “nasty” or “jerks.”

He is without intellectual curiosity. Once people began taking him seriously as a candidate, the wise response would have been to start cramming with leading experts on all matters political and military. To really start learning what America faces on the domestic and world stage.

Not Donald. He seems no more informed today than he was six months ago.

And then there’s the praise he gets for always speaking without notes. That’s because he has no idea beforehand what he will say about anything. His train of thought lurches down the tracks in grinding stops and starts, no destination in sight, always a hair’s breadth from derailment.

God bless the idiot savants. But we sure don’t want one as president.


5 thoughts on “Is Trump an “Idiot Savant”?

  1. He’s actually scary!
    At various points in this political season, I have listened to him and agreed with some of the things, he’s espoused but he’s just too crazy, off-the-wall to be sitting in the white house. You hit the nail on the head James!

  2. President Trump will amaze you with his amazing abilities and keep us safe from bullies like Putin as soon as he learns how to spell Putin.

  3. Amen brother!! The man is a buffoon!! God help us if he gets elected!! I doubt if he’s even smart enough to surround himself with intelligent, capable, qualified, informed people of integrity to actually run the country!!

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