Italian Cover-up: Why They Hid
Naked Statues From Rouhani

 By Jim Berlin

When the Italian prime minister recently hosted Iranian president Rouhani at a famous Roman museum, several ancient statues were concealed with wooden panels prior to the Muslim’s arrival.

The statues were covered because they depicted naked human beings, their breasts and genitalia hanging out for all the world to see. And Allah only knows, some Italians feared, how offended Rouhani might be if his Islamic eyes fell upon such blatant sexuality.

Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, which means President Rouhani is perfectly comfortable orchestrating the beheadings and murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It seems doubtful that a few 2,000-year-old penises and vaginas carved from marble or cast in bronze would assault his moral sensibilities.

What was most shocking in the cover-up is that Italians rolled over on their magnificent cultural heritage for a two-bit killer and tyrant. They are the descendants and caretakers of what was once The Greatest Show on Earth – the Roman empire – and 

statuary from that period typically presented its heroes without their pants and panties on.

So why did they really hide some of their greatest works of art?

Because President Rouhani, finally free of sanctions thanks to Barack Obama, came to Italy to close gas-related business deals worth $18 billion.

What’s a little sacrifice of national pride and cultural heritage – when big bucks are on the table?

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Naked Statues From Rouhani

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