Lord, Save Us From Global
Warming! Oh…Never Mind.

 By Jim Berlin

There’s no better salesman to our brain than the senses, so when we’re locked in the suffocating embrace of July’s deepest heat it’s easy to believe in global warming.

Global warming? Oh, hell yes. I can feel it, baby.

But then we remember last winter – the coldest on record in many parts of America. In fact, winters across the U.S. have been getting colder for the last 20 years.

Global cooling. Oh, hell yes. I can feel it, baby.

You can do anything with statistics except eat them, and some politicians could probably do that.

So is global warming fact or fiction? And if it is a fact, are we humans as culpable as liberal activists claim?

Here’s the truth: Just as nature abhors a vacuum, it also abhors a status quo. Everything changes – constantly – and Earth’s climate is included.

Worldwide warming and cooling are helpless passengers on The Great Pendulum of inevitable transition. Sixteen million years ago Antarctica was green with plant life.

In a few million years it will be green again.

Sure…we should clean up our air and environment whenever and wherever we can. But ice ages and their polar opposites will continue as long as the planet exists.

Welcome to the world, pilgrim.


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Warming! Oh…Never Mind.

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