Yes, Ghosts Are Real, But…
They’re Not What You Think

By Jim Berlin

All of us awoke one day to find ourselves bound to a magnificent blue ball spinning through space on a journey to nowhere.

Once you come to grips with the miracle and mystery of that, you have to believe almost anything is possible: People or something like them living on other planets, extra sensory perception, the innate goodness of man, a balanced budget…

…And ghosts.

You scoff? You lie. We all want to believe in ghosts for a simple, undeniable reason: If there are ghosts there is a hereafter. And if there is a hereafter, this life we so love on our spinning blue ball is not all there is. Life will go on.

Well, you can rest easy. Ghosts are real.

I believe it – no, I know it – because a close friend recently told me of more than 20 encounters with the same elderly female ghost in his previous house. The first time, in broad daylight, she strolled past him in the kitchen, walked down a hallway and went into a bedroom.

Thinking she was a befuddled neighbor, he entered the room moments later and found only his wife and daughters inside. After that he usually saw her in his living room, sitting in the same chair and staring straight ahead at God knows what. She would not speak to him, and when he got too close she simply disappeared.

This friend with the ghost story is no ordinary person. Jeff made a name for himself in Army intelligence, intercepting and breaking encrypted messages during


The Cold War. He scored so high on the Army’s entrance test he was accused of cheating. When they made him take a different test under close supervision he scored even higher.

Years later and in a different uniform, he was the best police officer I ever supervised or served beside. He doesn’t swear, drink, smoke or do drugs. He neither exaggerates or embellishes a story. And most important – he never lies.

Ghosts are real.

But my belief is they are not humans in another form. They are the work of Satan, The Great Liar, conjured up to convince us life after death is not a glorious reunion with Jesus. No, says Satan, it is sitting in a chair in your old house, scaring the timid and staring out at God knows what.

Happy Halloween.

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