Obama Is American-Born
But He’s Not Proud of It

By Jim Berlin

Hoping to bury Hillary’s charge that he was a force behind the birther movement, Donald Trump definitively stated Friday that President Obama was born in the United States. Period.

Where he was born has long been irrelevant. What’s vitally important is that he considers himself a child of the world first and an American a distant second.

This “globalist” philosophy (we are the world) makes for fun late-night arguments among bored intellectuals, but it makes for lousy presidents. America and every other country needs a leader who puts his nation first in every decision. Clearly, Obama has never done that.

Trump, so far, has not been accused of also saying the president hides a Muslim prayer rug beneath his bed – right next to his “I heart Kenya” bumper sticker. But the Muslim theory has more meat on the bone than the birther accusation.

If Obama is really a Christian he’s what’s known in the business as a “backslider.” He


rarely attends services, his family disdains Christmas presents, and he speaks more often and respectfully of Islam than that little movement started by a Nazarene carpenter.

If the early Christians had the same fire in their bellies as Barack, the religion would have died shortly after the death on the cross.

The president is energetically campaigning for Hillary (whom he dislikes) because she will preserve and build on his We-Are-The-World legacy.

If you like that legacy – Hillary’s your gal.


Remembering Freedom’s Father

 By Jim Berlin 

Freedom has a father. And freedom has a child. A youngster fair of face and free of spirit who rushes out to play at the first patch of blue in a stormy sky. He is a wonder to watch for he rations no part of himself as he plays. It is a world without limits where history is only yesterday and today is surely forever.

He plays hard and without fear, for who would ever harm one so fair of face
and free of spirit?

And he played on the morning of September 11, for that day began with far
more promise than a modest patch of blue. It was a day when the skies sparkled
from horizon to horizon, as far as the child could see.

Then, as we watched, he disappeared in smoke and fire and we feared for
the life of one so young amidst so much trouble.

But freedom has a father, too. And when the flames subsided and the smoke
parted, we saw him stride from the carnage with his face set in granite and the
child clinging to his back.

The youngster has almost forgotten the

worst of that day. He is anxious to play
again and searches the sky each morning for a patch of blue. And he will find it.

He always does.

But the father was last seen marching back into the smoke and fire. A helmet on
his head, his rifle at port arms. He will do what he has to do for freedom and the

He always does.

Lord, Save Us From Global
Warming! Oh…Never Mind.

 By Jim Berlin

There’s no better salesman to our brain than the senses, so when we’re locked in the suffocating embrace of July’s deepest heat it’s easy to believe in global warming.

Global warming? Oh, hell yes. I can feel it, baby.

But then we remember last winter – the coldest on record in many parts of America. In fact, winters across the U.S. have been getting colder for the last 20 years.

Global cooling. Oh, hell yes. I can feel it, baby.

You can do anything with statistics except eat them, and some politicians could probably do that.

So is global warming fact or fiction? And if it is a fact, are we humans as culpable as liberal activists claim?

Here’s the truth: Just as nature abhors a vacuum, it also abhors a status quo. Everything changes – constantly – and Earth’s climate is included.

Worldwide warming and cooling are helpless passengers on The Great Pendulum of inevitable transition. Sixteen million years ago Antarctica was green with plant life.

In a few million years it will be green again.

Sure…we should clean up our air and environment whenever and wherever we can. But ice ages and their polar opposites will continue as long as the planet exists.

Welcome to the world, pilgrim.


Our Presidential Candidates
Are a Breath of Stale Air

 By Jim Berlin

After a lifetime of inhaling the toxic fumes of U.S. politics, Donald Trump seemed an amazing breath of fresh air.

A financially-independent straight-shootin’ sonofagun, beholden to no one and nothing but the American dream. A leader who could restore our reputation after a president who is a stranger in our midst…a man who speaks more reverently of Islam than Christianity.

I wanted to believe in Trump – I still do – but he is a broken faucet emitting drip-after-drip of ignorance and asininity. If what we see is what we’d get, Donald would not simply be in over his head as president. He would be a bottom-feeder, sucking up mud and muck and spewing the concoction on the world stage.

And then there’s Ted Cruz. Suitably conservative, smart as hell and always on message.

Except…he rarely speaks as a normal human being. Almost every utterance is delivered as if he sees an angel at his side, busily chiseling his words into stone for the ages to revere.

Bringing up the Republican rear is John Kasich, a gent who never tires of telling us, and telling us, and telling us…how he turned Ohio into heaven on Earth.

On the flip side of the coin are the stirring images of Hillary and Bernie Sanders. A woman who lied to the grieving family faces of the heroes killed in Benghazi (“It was the video”)…and an old socialist who is an ideological inch from being a Communist.

A lifetime of inhaling the toxic fumes of U.S. politics, and once again I’m forced to ask: Where have all the leaders gone?

Gone to graveyards – every one.