Obama’s Humiliation in Cuba
Is Key to the Rise of Trump

By Jim Berlin

A month ago President Obama could not bother to travel three blocks to attend the Washington D.C. funeral of conservative Antonin Scalia, an esteemed 30-year member of the U.S. Supreme Court. But on Sunday he happily traveled 1,100 miles to become the first U.S. president to visit communist Cuba in 90 years.

So how did Cuban president Raul Castro react to this historic visit by the alleged leader of the free world?

He was a no-show at the airport.

Instead, when Obama and family emerged from Air Force One they were greeted by someone named Bruno Rodriguez – Cuba’s foreign minister.

This of course did not faze the man who represents you and me on the world stage. He dropped to his belly like a reptile and carried on as if nothing humiliating had occurred.

It got worse. On Monday during a joint news conference with Cuba’s president, Barack said Raul Castro had talked to him about poverty, inequality and race relation problems in America, and we “could learn” from his criticisms.

These two incidents tell us why a man like Donald Trump has become a serious contender for the White House in 2017.

Let’s pretend it was The Donald descending from Air Force One on the Havana tarmac

instead of Barack. He is greeted buy a man he doesn’t recognize…

“Bienvenido to Cuba, Mr. President. I’m Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister.”

“Really? Why isn’t President Castro here to greet me?”

“He was busy.”

At that point Trump would have turned around, reboarded Air Force One, and headed back home.


Fate Is Not a Fickle Finger

By Jim Berlin

A Wednesday: College and active Marine Corps duty finally behind, I accepted my first job in journalism as a cub reporter in an adjoining state. A career I’d settled on at age eight.

On Thursday: While actually in the process of packing, I got a surprise offer from a newspaper closer to home and took it.

On Friday: My first night in the new city – a city never before visited – someone mentioned a coffee house called La Bodega. I went there, found a corner, ordered espresso, listened to a folk singer do a blues number called “Alberta”…

Alberta, let your hair hang down/ Alberta, let your hair hang down/ I’ll give you more gold/ Than your apron can hold/ If you’ll only let your hair hang down.

At 9 o’clock a guy came in with his date, a dark-haired beauty who snapped all my senses to full attention. They could have sat anywhere but he chose a spot that put her next to me. So close I had just enough time to get her name when he went to the restroom.

On Saturday: After some tough detective work (I had her last name wrong), I tracked the lady down and we went out for coffee.

Today, a Saturday again, we’re celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Some people say fate is fickle – just a fanciful concept for the way things happen to turn out. I say Fate is the finger of God, not pushing us about like chess pieces, but gently prodding, pointing…hoping we’ll notice the path He wants us to choose.

And, if I could today, I’d give her more gold…than her apron could hold.



People Who Live in Bubbles
Elect Lousy U.S. Presidents

 By Jim Berlin 

Far too many Americans spend their entire lives bouncing about in tiny bubbles of self-interest, their brains engaged in little beyond sex, the next meal, the next paycheck, the next Big Game and the state of their health.

“Bubble People” are like boats without tiller or sail, swept along from birth to death by those who set the nation’s course and choose the ports of call.

Bubble People have no real knowledge of politics, politicians or current events. They dine exclusively on tasty sound bites and slogans, the opinions of colleagues and neighbors and the pronouncements of a tipsy Uncle Joe at the family barbecue.

Bubble People are the millennials flocking to Bernie the socialist – eyes glazed over by FREE! – unaware that socialism’s foundation is governmental control of every facet of American life.

Bubble People are the champions of Donald Trump, the spoiled little rich kid who wears arrogance and ignorance as badges of honor. (Donald resides in the largest bubble of all.)

Bubble People are the Hillary-huggers who tell themselves her “good” qualities outweigh her near-pathological dishonesty.

(Dishonesty poisons the well; nothing good can ever come from it.)

But here’s the saddest thing about the Bubble People: In close presidential elections they can be the margin of victory that puts an inferior and even dangerous candidate in the White House.

That’s how we wound up with Barack. And – if good people do nothing – that’s how we could wind up with Bernie or Donald or Hillary.

Italian Cover-up: Why They Hid
Naked Statues From Rouhani

 By Jim Berlin

When the Italian prime minister recently hosted Iranian president Rouhani at a famous Roman museum, several ancient statues were concealed with wooden panels prior to the Muslim’s arrival.

The statues were covered because they depicted naked human beings, their breasts and genitalia hanging out for all the world to see. And Allah only knows, some Italians feared, how offended Rouhani might be if his Islamic eyes fell upon such blatant sexuality.

Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, which means President Rouhani is perfectly comfortable orchestrating the beheadings and murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It seems doubtful that a few 2,000-year-old penises and vaginas carved from marble or cast in bronze would assault his moral sensibilities.

What was most shocking in the cover-up is that Italians rolled over on their magnificent cultural heritage for a two-bit killer and tyrant. They are the descendants and caretakers of what was once The Greatest Show on Earth – the Roman empire – and 

statuary from that period typically presented its heroes without their pants and panties on.

So why did they really hide some of their greatest works of art?

Because President Rouhani, finally free of sanctions thanks to Barack Obama, came to Italy to close gas-related business deals worth $18 billion.

What’s a little sacrifice of national pride and cultural heritage – when big bucks are on the table?

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