Why Did Romney Lose?
Mom, Dad, God and Santa.

By Jim Berlin

Ultra-liberal Elizabeth Warren, newly-elected in Massachusetts to the U.S. Senate, waxed poetic when attacking Mitt Romney’s assertion that “corporations are people.”

Not so, she said. People laugh, dance, cry, make babies, eat peanuts and defecate (I made the last two up), while corporations do none of these things.

But corporations, of course, are composed solely of people, people who do all those people things. They are not lifeless stacks of legal papers or the brick and mortar structures that house them as they toil. So, when measures are taken to encourage the growth and vitality of corporations and businesses in general, it is people who are being helped.

Liberals cannot make this intellectual leap. They demonize big business as enemies of the poor folks who are just trying to dance and laugh and get along.

Which brings us to the word “government.”

Half of Americans do not picture the federal government as people, but as some beneficent, super-intelligent entity that exists to guide and cushion their lives.

The government knows best. The government will take care of them.

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The government is a loving Mommy and Daddy who will give them things just because it loves them.

For them, for half of Americans now, people like Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren and all their liberal colleagues are the human faces of that word government. They are Mommy and Daddy and Santa Claus and maybe even a bit of God all rolled into one.

It’s how the election was won.

It’s Time to End Love Affair
Between Obama and the Media

By Jim Berlin

The election of Barack Obama was at once a grand and foolish experiment. Prior to becoming a U.S. senator just eight years ago, he was a $50,000-a-year state senator and a law school instructor (not a professor).

Before that – a “community organizer.” No one outside of Chicago knows what that is. No one anywhere knows if he was any good at it.

His past was devoid of personal illumination: There seemed to be no lifelong friends. No one spoke of having worked or hung out with him.

And then he made that keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Great speech, great grin, great charisma. They were the only credentials the media required.

He had them at hello. They were hopelessly in love…

It was and continues to be the greatest failure in the history of American journalism. No vetting, no investigative reporting, no probing his past.

All the media knew was they wanted him

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to be President. They still do.

The saying goes if you fool me once it’s your fault. This time around it’s all on us.

If Barack Obama wins again, it will be proof that the dumbing down of America is complete.

“Seal Team Six” Movie Hopes
To Get Out the Vote for Obama

By Jim Berlin

“Seal Team Six,” a film about killing Osama bin Laden that airs on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night, was produced by one of Obama’s star Hollywood supporters: Harvey Weinstein.

The timing of the release – 36 hours before the polls open Tuesday – is a coincidence only if you live with Alice in Wonderland. Weinstein bleeds big passion and even bigger campaign contributions for the President, and a prominent theme in the movie is bin Laden might still be living the high life if not for our fearless leader.

All one needs to know about Mr. Obama’s actual knowledge of anything military was embarrassingly displayed during his 2010 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, two years after becoming Commander-in-Chief. The President was reading a heartwarming story from his teleprompter about Navy corpsman Christian Brossard. So far so good.

Unfortunately, each time he referred to the sailor he called him “Corpse-man Brossard.” It is correctly pronounced, of course, as Core-man, just like the Corps in Marine Corps.

The media let Obama slide on that one, blaming the overworked dudes who fill his teleprompter for not phonetically spelling out this most mysterious of military words: corpsman.

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One can only cringe at what might have fell from the Commander-in-Chief’s lips if Corpsman Brossard had been an Army colonel instead.

“What in hell,” Prayer Breakfast attendees would have asked, “is a Coal-on-el?”

If Harvey Weinstein were granted total creative license, “Seal Team Six” would feature Obama in full tactical gear with a bayonet in his teeth, fast-roping from a helicopter onto the roof of bin Laden’s compound.

Navy corpsemen and folks in the Marine Corpse would pay big money to see that.

$50B Cost of Hurricane Sandy
Just a Lousy Drop in the Bucket

By Jim Berlin

The government announced today that lost business and damages caused by Hurricane Sandy will amount to $50 billion. We are not impressed.

In fact if two trick-or-treaters were to come to your door tonight, one wearing a sheet and one dressed as $50 billion, you would give “best costume” award to the ghost.

“But I’m $50 billion!” says a quivering little voice.

“Not scary enough, punk!” we shout. “No candy for you!”

Americans don’t know what Big Money is anymore. Just lately there was $700 billion for the TARP bailout, $317 billion to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and $80 billion to the auto industry.

Fifty billion dollars for a record-breaking hurricane? That’s the same amount we hand out every year to foreign countries, most of which spit on us in volumes surpassing all the rainfall from Sandy.

And some of which, tragically, have killed several times as many Americans as Sandy did.

Our current national debt is $16 trillion, which breaks down to $51,000 for every U.S. man,

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woman, child and even a few dogs and cats. For those of us who pay taxes, it equals $141,000 per person.

You shrug. But what if Uncle Sam came to your door tonight dressed up as, well, Uncle Sam. And held out his hand. And said, “Hey, citizen, you owe me 141 thousand bucks – and I want it now!”

That would be scary, right? That would win best costume, hands down.

Well, one of these days that debt’s going to come due. And when it does, Hurricane Sandy will seem like a sweet April shower.

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