Colorado Shooting No Mystery

By Jim Berlin

Once the smoke has cleared from a tragedy like the Colorado massacre, the country must endure the secondary smoke:

TV talking heads earnestly seeking motivation as they ask the cameras Why?…knee-jerk Second Amendment-haters demanding more gun controls…and perhaps the most annoying smoke of all – a somber parade of mental health experts struggling to tell us how mass killers come to be.

“Don’t equate violence with mental illness,” one of them said. “It could have been mental illness; it could have been a certain type of genetic disposition. It could have been the environment someone grows up in. There are basic changes (in young adults). Hormonal changes, changes in roles, changes in expectations.”

When experts in any field are solicited by the media to offer analysis for public consumption, the least qualified reflexively avoid the simplest solutions. They must protect their turf – their alleged expertise – so they obfuscate, dance around the issue, add layers of needless complexity. All of which are designed to convince laymen that the very depth of their knowledge precludes an easy answer.

So they back up their trucks and unload a huge pile of…crap.

People like the Colorado killer are, quite simply, nut cases.

They are nuts because their brains have been chemically or physically altered. They are nuts because the components in the mind that promote sympathy and empathy are either missing or horribly deformed.

Their wiring, for whatever reason, is so constructed that the most horrendous act appears as a rational course of action. There is no motivation to be discovered, no why to be answered. Those are mitigating luxuries reserved for normal human beings.

The only defense society has against nut cases is someone turning them in before they get to work, or killing them as quickly as possible once the mayhem begins.

Instead, for the next 10 to 20 years – until defense attorneys exhaust every means of keeping him alive – this man will be fed and housed on the public dime while mental health experts probe him for the answer that is so simple in the end.

He is a nut case. The worst possible kind.

Obama Says Success an Illusion: Thank Others and Uncle Sam

By Jim Berlin

“If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” the President said. You owe it to some teacher, or the government roads and bridges and infrastructure that let you get to that business you only think you built.

It wasn’t Dorothy’s little dog Toto but the lack of a teleprompter that pulled back the curtain on Mr. Obama in his Roanoke campaign speech. And what we saw behind the curtain was not the Wizard of Hope and Change, not the Great Uniter, but the hard-core liberal philosophy of a man who believes there is no glory in individual achievement, no perks deserved for success.

His message is that each of us owes everything to “the village,” so if we are successful it is only fair that we share that wealth with, well, the whole damn village.

You are not responsible for your success, the Wizard believes, and the liberal corollary is you’re not responsible for being a miserable failure. If you dropped out of high school because hanging out with dope-smoking friends was more fun than homework, blame bad teachers and underfunded schools for not inspiring you.

If you did get a diploma but learning a trade or heading to college seemed too much time and effort, blame parents who failed to

motivate or your lousy neighborhood or…something else. Anything else.

But not to worry. Those same government-built roads and bridges will get you to the welfare office, just as they get the business owner to the business he did not really build. The business owner who will, who must, share his money with you because it is the fair thing to do.

And if this is a country where there are no exceptional people – only people who owe the government and others for their success – then America is not exceptional either.

No exceptional people – no exceptional country.

Welcome to the man behind the curtain, who is behind the curtain no more.

Obama Needs to Find G-Spot

By Jim Berlin

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are Harvard law grads who attended elite schools from an early age, so each has limited success connecting with the so-called common folk.

Romney is least adept at the game and the least engaged in it; he recognizes the futility of trying to be one of the guys. Bluejeans and an open shirt collar are as far as he ventures across the great divide, and that’s just fine with his supporters.

President Obama works a lot harder at being just like you, whoever you happen to be. And when it’s a blue-collar audience the core of his strategy is the loss of the letter “g” — that esteemed seventh member of the alphabet that makes possible everything from God to golly gee.

Specifically, Obama drops the g from all words that end in “ing.”

And suddenly, the esteemed former editor of the Harvard Law Review is walkin’ and talkin’ and prayin’ and workin’ hard for all the hard-workin’ folks livin’ in this land.

And the faithful hear these strings of earthy contractions delivered with the fervor and flair of a traveling evangelist, and they believe, brother, they believe. This man is one of us. This here is a politician who ain’t lyin’!

Frankly, I get downright embarrassed for the President of the United States when he stoops to conquer by going all cornpone and talking like he thinks we talk. I don’t want a President who bows to anyone, but he certainly needs to doff his cap to the King’s English. All the time.

We know very well Mr. Obama doesn’t speak to his family like that in the White House. He doesn’t even speak to his dog “Bo” like that:

“Hey, Bo, let’s you’n me go a walkin’.” It does not happen.

Mr. President, find the letter “g” and don’t ever let go of it again.

U.S. Olympic Uniforms Inspire
Athletes To Win for Lauren

By Jim Berlin

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants the made-in-China U.S. Olympic uniforms destroyed by fire, but athletes say the Ralph Lauren-designed apparel is motivational and may result in winning more medals.

The Olympians are particularly excited by the Ralph Lauren polo pony logo, which is prominently featured on the uniforms’ left breast. It is several times larger than the tiny U.S. flag almost hidden on the opposite breast.

The U.S. Olympic Committee, which approved the uniform design, said highlighting Lauren’s logo rather than Old Glory was a no-brainer:

“Let’s be honest,” a Committee spokesman said. “There are more Americans wearing Ralph’s shirts than Americans who fly the flag. When the Olympians look at that polo pony, they’re going to be going for the gold.”

The display of company logos on Olympic clothing is here to stay, the spokesman promised, and a bidding war is already underway for U.S. uniforms at the 2016 Games. McDonald’s wants its golden arches to replace, or at least be co-featured, with the Lauren logo.

Artists have suggested the polo pony might be depicted leaping over the arches or galloping beneath them, but the graphic would have to be a foot in diameter to be effective.

“That would be totally workable,” the Olympic spokesman said, “since most

image by Reuters

athletes have pretty large chests.”

The Committee said there is even speculation political ads might begin appearing on the uniforms. The summer Olympics, held every four years, conveniently coincide with U.S. presidential races.

“The Democrats or Republicans would pay dearly to have election slogans or their candidate’s picture worn by our Olympians,” the spokesman said.

“Just picture it: Mr. Obama’s face and ‘Hope and Change – The Sequel’ on the back of a sprinter as he breaks the tape in the hundred-meter dash. Harry Reid wouldn’t be burning that shirt.”

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