Will Discovery of God Particle
Put Physicists Out of Work?

By Jim Berlin

When physicists in Switzerland recently announced the discovery of the Higgs boson — also known as “the God particle” — hundreds of millions of laymen around the world responded with a resounding, “Wow. What’s for dinner?”

In contrast the 6,000 physicists involved in the project were ecstatically slapping one another in the face, which is what happens when physicists attempt to do the high-five. But there was indeed genuine joy in geekville, for the Higgs boson – predicted some 50 years ago – is the subatomic particle believed to give actual mass to everything that exists: the galaxies, the moon and stars, you and me and the family dog.

The verification of something’s existence, of course, is light years removed from actually understanding what something is, or why and how it works. The physicists don’t know those things about the Higgs boson and possibly never will.

What they do know for sure is they detest the boson being called “the God particle,”
the title of a 1993 book about the predicted element written by atheist scientist Leon Lederman.

The author said he actually wanted to call it “the goddamn particle” because of the monumental effort and expense required to prove its existence.

I’m a God-loving man myself, but I understand the physicists’ frustration. Calling the discovery “the God particle” suggests we have suddenly and finally gotten to the bottom of how everything came to be. The Creator simply conjured up this magical little element, hurled it into the abyss, and all of existence instantly unfurled in a great cosmic flowering.


End of story. How do we know? – the Bible tells us so.

You scientists can just pack up your computers and calculators, shut down your atom-smashers and be on your way.

The Bible tells us a lot; it may even tell us everything. But the brains we’ve been given compel us to look unceasingly for answers, to probe the unknown with courage and curiosity as long as the species has breath.

The Higgs boson is simply another step forward on a journey of inquiry that must never end, and our geeky scientists are the tip of the spear.

High-five one another, you physicists. But slowly and carefully, please.

Clinton Apology to Pakistan
Leaves Obama Looking Sorry

By Jim Berlin

In the verbally-nuanced world of diplomacy, the choice of words is sometimes everything. That’s why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week officially told her Pakistani counterpart: “We are sorry (not, “we apologize”) for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military.”

Pakistan has been demanding an apology since U.S. troops killed 24 of their soldiers last November. The GIs claimed they were fired upon first, the Pakistanis said that never happened, and which side you believe depends on whether you have red, white and blue in your veins or some godawful other color.

But back to Secretary Clinton’s selection of words: It was reported that senior White House advisers chose the word “sorry” instead of apologize because they did not want Republicans to cast President Obama as an “apologizer-in-chief.”

Apparently the White House advisers in question did not give this a lot of forethought, because now Obama will be known as a sorry President, or alternatively, as one sorry President.

Speaking of being sorry, consider the following: Since the 9/11 attack that killed 3,000 Americans, Pakistan has received almost $21 billion from America in military and economic aid. And while happily collecting all that money, Pakistan allowed Osama bin Laden to safely

and secretly live in their country for at least six years – in a compound literally a short walk from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point.

Pakistan has never apologized for giving comfort and safe haven to the man who murdered so many of our brothers and sisters. It has never said it was sorry. It has never said squat.

And yet our Secretary of State tells them we officially regret killing 24 of their soldiers, who might or might not have fired the first shot.

President Obama can claim we did not apologize, but if it looks like an apology, whines like an apology and crawls on its belly like an apology — it is a President who has apologized. For America. Again.

Source Claims Obama-Roberts Secret Friends for 20 Years

By Jim Berlin

Many Americans were shocked when supposedly-conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, in an incredible display of judicial gymnastics, saved Obamacare from being declared unconstitutional.

But one Washington informant claims Roberts is not only a lifelong closet liberal, he and President Obama have been secret BFFs for more than 20 years.

“You remember when Roberts incorrectly administered the oath of office to the President?” the source asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “He had to go to the White House the next day and swear him in all over again.”

“Roberts did that as a joke,” the informant said, “and they both had a big laugh about it when they were knocking back beers in the Oval Office after the ceremony.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah. And Obama warned him at the time, ‘I’ll get even with you, you rascal you. Just wait until my State of the Union address in 2010.’ Then he punched Roberts playfully on the shoulder and they wrestled around a bit.”

“I remember that State of the Union speech,” I said. “The President criticized the Justices, who were sitting right in front of him, for what he called a lousy decision on campaign finance law.”

“Another put-up job,” the source said. “If you look closely at the video you’ll see Obama wink at Roberts, and Roberts responds by flashing him the finger. It happens really fast, but they both got a huge kick out of it.”

image by Charles Dharapak/AP

“Wow!” I exclaimed again. “How did their relationship begin?”

“Roberts graduated from Harvard Law School in 1979,” he said, “and he was managing editor of the Harvard Law Review, right? Well, 10 years later, along comes Obama and he is also an editor of the Harvard Law Review.”

“It’s suspicious,” I said, “but it doesn’t prove anything.”

“No? Well, on Obama’s first day as editor of the Law Review, he received a telegram which I have personally seen.”

“What did it say?” I asked.

“It said, ‘Barry, I’ll always have your back. BFF…Johnny.’ People who were there at the time said Mr. Obama got pretty choked up and said, ‘Someday, somehow, that sweet guy and I are going to screw America to the wall.’”



Obama and the Dreamers: It
All Comes Down to the Paper

By Jim Berlin


The word rolls out soft and sweet, almost nostalgic, the mellow kind of word you might hear in one of those slow torchy love songs by a big-band vocalist in the 1940s.

Obama: They are Americans in their hearts…

Dreamers. Pure genius. Like undocumented instead of illegal. Undocumented. It smacks of an innocent oversight, mislaying your keys or the TV remote, forgetting to put out the garbage. “Darn, where did I put those documents? If I don’t find them pretty soon I’m going to be undocumented…”

Obama: They are Americans in their minds…

Dreamers. Pure genius, for we are dreamers all. Daydreams, sweet dreams, dreams for ourselves, dreams for our children, our grandkids, dreams our parents had for us, the stuff dreams are made of, living the dream…

Obama: They are Americans in every single way but one: on paper.

Paper. What’s less important than paper? Paper tigers, paper-thin, toilet paper, not worth the paper it’s printed on. Dreamers — missing nothing but a lousy piece of paper.

But wait. Wait just a minute.

What’s that thing, that substance, that holds all the words that form all the laws, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, the Star Spangled Banner?

image from explow.com

I remember now: paper. Lousy pieces of paper. Some things are worth a million times more than the paper they’re written on. But unless they’re written on that paper they lose their meaning, their value, their legitimacy.

Great nations can’t be steered by emotion. Emotion turns left and right on a whim, it rushes forward and stumbles back at the drop of a tear.

Great nations cannot be steered by emotion. Great nations must be steered by the rule of law. Laws must be written on paper.

Sad but true, if paper is the single thing, the only thing dreamers are missing – they are missing absolutely everything. And until they get that paper, they are not Americans in any way at all.

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