Obama’s Humiliation in Cuba
Is Key to the Rise of Trump

By Jim Berlin

A month ago President Obama could not bother to travel three blocks to attend the Washington D.C. funeral of conservative Antonin Scalia, an esteemed 30-year member of the U.S. Supreme Court. But on Sunday he happily traveled 1,100 miles to become the first U.S. president to visit communist Cuba in 90 years.

So how did Cuban president Raul Castro react to this historic visit by the alleged leader of the free world?

He was a no-show at the airport.

Instead, when Obama and family emerged from Air Force One they were greeted by someone named Bruno Rodriguez – Cuba’s foreign minister.

This of course did not faze the man who represents you and me on the world stage. He dropped to his belly like a reptile and carried on as if nothing humiliating had occurred.

It got worse. On Monday during a joint news conference with Cuba’s president, Barack said Raul Castro had talked to him about poverty, inequality and race relation problems in America, and we “could learn” from his criticisms.

These two incidents tell us why a man like Donald Trump has become a serious contender for the White House in 2017.

Let’s pretend it was The Donald descending from Air Force One on the Havana tarmac

instead of Barack. He is greeted buy a man he doesn’t recognize…

“Bienvenido to Cuba, Mr. President. I’m Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister.”

“Really? Why isn’t President Castro here to greet me?”

“He was busy.”

At that point Trump would have turned around, reboarded Air Force One, and headed back home.