O.J. Simpson Supporters
Also Love Michael Brown

 By Jim Berlin 

The rioting in Ferguson and demonstrations in other cities is depicted as an uprising against systemic persecution of Blacks by police agencies across the nation.

That’s a load of crap.

The critics of cops have a pet statistic they trot out to prove their point, but which in fact destroys it: Despite comprising just 12 percent of the population, Black men and women make up 40 percent of prison inmates.

That’s because Blacks commit 40 percent of the crime. With all the reviews and appeals inherent in our justice system, it’s virtually impossible for an innocent person to be convicted. Almost without exception, if you’re in prison you earned it.

Before technology got in the way Michael Brown was painted as “a gentle giant” with “strong Christian beliefs” who was looking forward to college. The world had lost, if not a future brain surgeon, a religious man destined for a selfless life in service to others.

Then the store video was released and we see Mr. Gentle taking a $50 box of cigars minutes before his death, then strong-arming the little Indian shopkeeper who confronted him. If you have eyes to see, the video shows

Michael Brown as he was: an arrogant, oversized thug and thief with a mean streak and a bad attitude. Just another prison inmate in the making.

But the video and weeks of grand jury testimony and all the writers in the world will not change a single mind in that portion of the Black community that still thinks O.J. Simpson was innocent.

They will shovel their load of crap, and perceive it as gold, till their dying days.

Shooting of Missouri Teen
Is Not a Lesson In Racism

 By Jim Berlin 

People who desperately want racism to be rampant in America say the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri is all the evidence required.

Who are these people who revel in racism and what motivates them?

For guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who almost ran out of their shoes trying to beat one another to the scene, it’s a matter of professional survival. Their sole source of income and celebrity is dependent on keeping the home fires burning.

Then we have that minor segment of Blacks who, in the words of my mother, “don’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of.” Unwilling to blame themselves for their lack of success, it is only Whitey and his hate that’s keeping them down.

Next we have the I-love-everybody liberals, always hell-bent on staking out a position of moral superiority. Because superiority requires them to believe they are a precious few in number, the rest of us must be filled with spiteful intentions.

President Obama also made his contribution to the racism story by ordering 40 FBI agents and Attorney General Eric Holder to Missouri. Holder, who keeps several decks of race cards on his person at all times, flips them out faster than a Vegas blackjack dealer.

The implication of his presence, of course, is that justice cannot be served without the guiding hand of Big Brother to keep things honest.

There is racism in America, to be sure, but it’s only a problem – not a crisis.