GOP Can Win Back Senate
Only If It Beats “Demedia”

 By Jim Berlin 

The Democrat-dominated media – I call it “Demedia” – lies in wait for loose-lipped Republicans like crocodiles at an African watering hole. In its primordial brain Demedia knows that sooner or later some careless candidate will wade in too far and drink too deeply.

In 2012 it was Missouri Republican Todd Akin, who blew his senate campaign by revealing a biological oddity only he was privy to: In cases of legitimate rape, he said, “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” (Yes, but only if they first consume the ground-up horn of a unicorn.)

Demedia pounced, promptly applying its Guilt by Association Law: All Republican males are clueless about women. No, worse…Republicans are waging “a war on women.”

Even Mitt Romney dipped a toe in the watering hole, suggesting illegal immigrants could begin a path to citizenship by first “self-deporting” themselves to their native lands. (Or – and admittedly this has yet to be tried – if we just nicely ask undocumented aliens to go home, they will.)

Demedia’s Guilt by Association Law is why the GOP will find it hard to take back the U.S. Senate in November. If even one or two

Republican hopefuls say anything stupid – about abortion, immigration, women, gays or income equality – the stupidity will be assigned to every candidate.

Republicans would be wise to take a clue from the “American Party,” a semi-secret movement back in the 1850s that was anti-Irish and anti-immigration. Members of the party were advised by their leaders to answer every questions with the phrase, “I know nothing.”

Naturally, they became known as “The Know-Nothing Party.”

Claiming to know nothing about everything would at least give Republicans a fighting chance against Demedia.