Think of ISIS as Baby Hitler:
It Must Be Killed In the Crib

By Jim Berlin 

A common theme in time travel fantasies involves sending operatives into the past to intervene at pivotal moments in history.

Imagine, for example, that “Future Fred” zaps back to Austria, 1889, and materializes next to the crib of a sleeping infant named Adolf Hitler. If Future Fred does the kid in, he saves the lives of 50 million soldiers and civilians destined to die a half century later in World War II.

We are in one of those “sleeping infant” moments again. This time Adolf is named ISIS, the Islamic terrorists who now control a large portion of Syria and Iraq and just beheaded an American journalist. They vow to someday fly their black flag over the White House.

Today they number a mere 15,000 fighters, but they are growing daily in strength, wealth and armaments – and thousands of them have legitimate British and American passports.

These crazies are not people who can be contained, pacified or reasoned with. They thrill in the kill and vow to brutally murder anyone and everyone who is not a precise match to their ideological madness.

They must be exterminated.

The challenge for Future Fred is that only America and Barack Obama

 have the power to do that.

Fred would have to carry his warning past the Secret Service, past the president’s caddy, and – the greatest barrier of all – past the president’s naïve philosophy that true evil does not exist in the world.

We have a president who – given the chance – would not have killed Hitler in his crib.

Poor Fred. Poor us.