Future NFL’s Michael Sam Says:
“I’m Gay.” Here’s What I Say…

 By Jim Berlin  

When Michael Sam, the Missouri football star and future NFL player came out of the closet Sunday, everybody from the President to Michelle to Joe Biden raced to publicly praise him as a courageous and inspirational athlete.

I am also inspired by Michael Sam. I’m inspired to say he is a monumental pain in the ass.

I am further inspired to say that those praising him for purely-political reasons are also a monumental pain in the ass.

Gay-schmay, don’t care, yesterday’s headlines. As homosexuals themselves often say – and I’m inspired by the humor in it – “We’re gay, we’re here to stay, get used to it.”

I’m used to it. Life is short; you live yours, I’ll live mine. It’s all fair.

What I will never get used to are wildly egocentric gays like Michael Sam who think the whole world breathlessly revolves around their sexuality.

Being gay is old news, Michael. You are old news.

It’s no longer heterosexuals who are mired in the prejudices of the past. It’s the handful of gays like Mr. Sam who have been left behind and need to catch up.

Michael, listen closely: we have no interest in the object of your affections. Put the microphone down. Go tackle somebody.