Why Bosnia Vets Don’t Consider
Bill Clinton a “Lovable Rascal”

By Jim Berlin

Bill Clinton has officially hit the campaign trail for his beloved spouse, and despite GOP wishful thinking he will be Hillary’s most valuable asset.

That’s because the moral character of celebrities – even former presidents – is irrelevant to most Americans: a full 60 percent told the latest Gallup Poll they view Bill “favorably.”

A lot of soldiers I met in Bosnia while Bill was their commander-in-chief would disagree. In the spring of ’98, just after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, a “joke” was circulating among the troops…

It centered on December 31st, 1995, the day the 1st Armored Division crossed the Sava River and America rolled from Croatia into Bosnia for the first time: “While we were crossing the Sava,” the joke went, “Our commander was collecting a BJ in the Oval Office.”

It was only a joke at the time because details of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair had yet to be revealed. Hillary was blaming it all on “a right-wing conspiracy” and Bill was saying he wasn’t even sure what sex is.

Months later, after Monica trotted out her famous blue dress – still aglow with Bill’s DNA contributions – we learned all about the nine White House encounters.

And, holy punch line! On December 31st, 1995, while the 1st Armored Division was

actually crossing the Sava River – and potentially rolling into harm’s way – their commander-in-chief was collecting a BJ in the Oval Office from his 22-year-old intern.

I do not look upon Bill Clinton as a lovable rascal. I do not look upon him “favorably.”

I leave that to Americans who are a mile wide – and an inch deep.