Obama’s “Sexist” Remark Shows
His Opinion of Women Evolving

By Jim Berlin

President Obama is being accused of a sexist remark after calling California’s Kamala Harris “the best looking attorney general in the country.” When his audience at the fund raiser for Harris chuckled nervously, Obama dug his hole deeper by responding, “It’s true! C’mon!”

The president’s supporters have maintained over the years that Obama is far too sensitive and cerebral to notice whether or not a female is attractive. The fact that he married a pretty woman rather than a homely one, they say, was “just an accident.”

“To this very day,” White House press secretary Jay Carney once told reporters, “Mr. Obama has no idea Michelle is a fox. He just doesn’t care about that stuff.”

Mrs. Obama verified Carney’s assessment during a January interview on a woman’s talk show: “I’ve stopped asking Barack how I look before we attend some function together,” she laughed, because he always says, ‘Frankly, Michelle, I just don’t give a damn.’”

When confronted Friday about the president calling Harris “the best looking attorney general,” Jay Carney told journalists: “Mr. Obama’s feelings about women have obviously evolved. He admitted to me privately he has begun to realize some women’s faces are more pleasingly symmetrical, and some female bodies have interesting curves.”

Carney said the president has even come to the

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realization that Michelle is “better looking” than many other women.

“Just the other day,” Carney said, “the president winked at me and whispered, ‘Michelle is built like a brick outhouse!’ Then he did a little victory dance and pumped his hips in a suggestive manner. Like I said, the man is evolving.”

Nevertheless, critics continue to be upset that the president publicly commented on Kamala Harris’ good looks.

“The last thing a woman wants to hear is that she’s good looking,” a California democrat said.