We Have Obamacare…
Now How Do We Get To It?

By Jim Berlin

We all have our favorite “pie in the sky” fantasy. Mine is filet mignon at 50 cents a pound.

Unfortunately the journey the filet must take to the butcher’s display case requires the expenditure of so much effort and money by so many people that my pie shall remain forever untasted.

It’s called The Real World.

Barack Obama’s pie in the sky, which had him salivating even before he was president, is government-run national health care. It’s how health care is done in most Western European countries, and like many things European, Mr. Obama finds it superior to America’s private approach.

The downside to the European model is that its recipients pay an average of 45 percent in income taxes and nine bucks for a single gallon of gas. No matter. The President wanted his pie and now it is there for the taking.

But people in The Real World began to ask: How will we actually get to the pie in the sky?

“Why, with a wonderful magical ladder,” the

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President said. “And lo, I will put Kathleen Sebelius in charge of building it.”

The Real World was still puzzled. “What does she know about building a ladder? She has spent most of her adult life as a lobbyist and politician.”

“You only have to believe,” the President said. “If you believe with all your heart in the pie in the sky, and click your heels together real hard, the pie in the sky will be yours. Yum-yum!”

We only have to believe.