Confederate Flag Came Down…
South Carolina Came Up

By Jim Berlin

In the end it took the execution of nine black Christians by a white racist psychopath. But at 10 a.m. today the Confederate battle flag ceased to fly over South Carolina’s capitol grounds.

Some believe that passage of the flag-removal bill by the state legislature and Gov. Nikki Haley is to be greatly admired – a nostalgic farewell to a proud past for the greater moral good. It’s better than that…

Every day South Carolina flew the Confederate flag – it made a damn fool of itself.

The Civil War ended 150 years ago, but it began when South Carolina (where half of the families owned slaves) became the first state to secede from the Union. It was all downhill after that…

In defense of 46,000 plantation owners and four million blacks in bondage, young Southern men and boys embarked on the greatest bloodbath in American history. Before or since.

When it was over, 620,000 soldiers in uniforms of blue and grey never came home again.

But like molten metal the country slowly flowed together again. In a sad string of conflicts since 1865 – two world wars, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan – citizens from the North and South fought shoulder-to-shoulder like the brothers and sisters we are.

Out of two sides came one, even stronger than before.

Today South Carolina ran its Confederate flag down the capitol pole and shipped it off to a museum.

That’s the only place it belongs.

As Half-White, Half-Black,
Obama First “Whack” President

By Jim Berlin

Those who say all criticism of President Obama is racially-motivated (It’s because he’s black), conveniently ignore an essential fact: Barack is not America’s first black president. That person is still in our future.

As a man with a white mother and a black father – a 50-50 split – he chose to identify himself as an African-American. And if that is a legitimate choice, he could have just as legitimately identified himself as a white man.

Real African-Americans were happy with Barack’s choice because they could claim one of their own was now in the White House. I, on the other hand, being of Irish-German ancestry, wondered why he did not come out as a white man.

Is there something wrong with being white, I wondered. Are we inferior? Does my president have something against me?

I resolved this issue in my own head by accepting the president for who he really is: Neither white or black, but a perfectly-

 balanced combination of the two – a “whack” man.

Had Mr. Obama chosen this same course, he would have had an opportunity to unite the races like never before. “I understand both sides of the racial issue,” he could have said, “because I am both sides of the racial issue.”

It’s not too late. If the president will just drop all this African-American stuff and come out as Whack, we can finally start getting along.