Are Extraterrestrials Out There?
Yes…A Trillion Times Yes!

 By Jim Berlin

Astronomers, who announced this week the recent discovery of another 1,200 planets in our galaxy, say it’s probable every one of the 100 billion stars in our Milky Way has at least one or more planets in tow.

And 10 billion of those orbiting globes are calculated to be neither too close or too far from their Mother suns – just the right location to support life as we know it. Or life as we don’t.

Okay…let’s extrapolate: Our galactic home, the magnificent Milky Way, is but one of the known 100 billion galaxies that stretch to infinity and beyond. If each of those 100 billion galaxies has a similar number of Earth-like planets (10 billion), we need only multiply the two figures to find the number of Earth-like planets in the entire cosmos.

The answer: One trillionHow much is a trillion? It’s a number so daunting that upon hearing it geniuses like Einstein and Stephen Hawking curl into the fetal position and scream for their mommies.

It’s a helluva lot and then some more.

And yet we still have people who rub their

foreheads and agonize over the question, “Are we alone?” Are the humans of planet Earth the only life in the universe?

Please. The cosmos is boiling and teeming and rocking with life. It’s everywhere.

We may meet them tomorrow. We may not meet them for a long time. We may never meet them.

But if you think we’re all that there is…I have a flat Earth I’d like to sell you.