Anti-American Demonstrations:
An Exercise in Self-Loathing

 By Jim Berlin

It’s not about a 15-minute Muhammad-dissing film slapped together by an Egyptian crackpot who happens to live in America. It has nothing to do with religion at all, though they’ve so convinced themselves it does that a polygraph test would bear them out.

The polygraph would lie. The latest round of anti-American demonstrations in the Middle East are merely temper tantrums born of a jealousy so white-hot, so profound, it could only evolve into hate.

They hate Americans because they wish they were us. They hate Americans because every day we live the American dream while they live the nightmare: the Egyptian nightmare, the Libyan nightmare, the Somali and Yemeni and Pakistani nightmares and all their other little national nightmares.

They hate America because they are trapped in failed societies and corrupt cultures run by people – just like themselves – who are inherently incapable of building nations worth living in. Their lives, in other words, are pretty much screwed and they know it.

Knowing their lives are screwed is also at the core of their hate for Israel, a tiny jewel shining in their midst, so prosperous and strong that all of their combined efforts have

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not been sufficient to bring her down. Like America, Israel reminds them every day of what they are not: successful.

There’s a reason why Muslim-Americans haven’t demonstrated against the 15-minute film: Muslim-Americans are living the American dream and they’re not about to let it go.

The riots are not about the Prophet Muhammad; they’re not about hating us.

They are about wanting to be us – and knowing it’s never going to happen.

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