Why Obama’s Ebola Czar
Knows Zero About Being a Czar

 By Jim Berlin 

From Day One the Marines pound the necessity of leadership into the skulls of their people: If the general falls in battle the colonel takes over, then the lieutenant colonel, a major after that – right down the ranks to the last two privates.

The senior private is in command then, and if he falls the last man standing hitches up his pack and leads himself.

When there’s a job to be done – if someone doesn’t take charge then chaos surely will.

Which brings us to the Ebola crisis and what to do with Americans returning home from West Africa where the disease is rampant. President Obama and the CDC say mandatory quarantine for 21 days is unnecessary. Low-risk folks should keep tabs on themselves and high-risk citizens (health workers) should be “actively monitored” but not otherwise restricted.

The governors of New York and New Jersey disagree and have instituted mandatory quarantine whether the citizens like it or not. The military concurs and is assigning all returning personnel to strict isolation.

You might think, what with all the confusion, that the “Ebola Czar” appointed by President Obama would step forward with a loud voice and clear-cut rules for everyone to follow. Ha.
The czar, someone named Ron Klain, has

yet to utter a public word about anything.

The czar does not understand leadership because the man who appointed him doesn’t understand it either. Before star-struck Americans placed Barack Obama in charge, he had not led anyone or anything in his life. Not Marines, not a Boy Scout troop, not a business or organization – not even a bridge club.

If he even knew where the water was, he could not lead a horse to it.

But, hey! Doesn’t he have a wonderful smile?

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