Do Pets Go To Heaven?
They Do If You Want Them To

 By Jim Berlin 

Pet lovers were thrilled by the story last week that claimed Pope Francis consoled a grieving boy in St. Peter’s Square by telling him he would meet his dead dog again in heaven.

“Pope Says Pets Go To Heaven” was the headline around the world, including the front page of The New York Times.

The incident never occurred. The bogus tale was apparently spawned by pasta-crazed Italian journalists who were loosely paraphrasing something said 40 years ago by another pope.

So what are we to believe? Will Fido and Mr. Whiskers eternally romp with us over heaven’s emerald hills and golden valleys – or not? The answer is a resounding Yes!

God does not have Pope Francis on speed dial, and even if He did the pontiff’s opinion is not required. Of all theological questions that great minds ponder, this is one of the easiest to resolve:

By definition and design the residents of heaven are happy without qualification or reservation. Anything pure that our hearts desire – anything that could possibly make us happier – will be available before we ask.

God will not allow us to be only 99.9 percent happy in heaven. Can you picture, for example, this conversation between the Lord and Michael the Archangel:

“That new arrival, Sister Sally, seems down in the dumps. What’s her problem, Michael?”

“She found out you don’t allow pets in heaven, Lord. She expected to see her old dog, Duke, when she pulled in.”

“Well, tough tuna for Sister Sally. Rules are rules!”

Ain’t gonna happen. If you want every pet you ever loved on Earth to be waiting for you just beyond the pearly gates – if that would make you happier – God will make it so.

Put that in your Christmas stocking, right next to the play toys for Fido and Mr. Whiskers.

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They Do If You Want Them To

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