On Martin Luther King Day…
A White Man’s Dream for Blacks

 By Jim Berlin 

I have a dream that one day…a black politician can be criticized for his policies without the critic being called a racist.

I have a dream that one day…successful black people will have the guts to tell their brothers and sisters it isn’t whitey keeping them down: It’s dropping out of high school and getting pregnant at 16, and 17, and again at 18. It’s getting a girl pregnant and another girl pregnant and another after that – and never once giving a damn what happens to the children.

I have a dream that one day…black men and women can excel without being called “Uncle Toms.”

I have a dream that one day…low-life rappers whose vocabularies never grew beyond ho’s and motha f—kers will no longer be celebrated as recording artists – while black scientists and lawyers are dismissed as “selling out.”

I have a dream that one day…blacks who still whine about being descendants of slaves will realize this: the poorest blacks in America today live better than the richest blacks still stuck in Africa. 

I have a dream that one day…it will dawn on blacks that politicians who tell them they are “victims” never want them to be anything else. They only want their votes on election day.

I have a dream that one day…all blacks will understand that men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson thrive and survive by keeping hate alive. If you don’t stay down – they don’t stay up.
They are players, and you are being played.

I have a dream that one day…Martin Luther King will have his very own holiday, and a black man can be elected president twice, and…Oh, wait! That dream is already here.

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