Why Making College Free
Won’t Lead To More Degrees

By Jim Berlin

The biggest net cast by Hillary Clinton into the school of young Millennials (18 to 34) is the cynical promise of a free college education.

“Just open your little birdie mouths,” the fable goes, “and Auntie Hillary and Uncle Sugar will stuff your beaks with all the college cash you need. It’s your right because – well, hell – because you exist.”

The little birdies’ payback after consuming and digesting all this free education? Just poop out a vote for Hillary and the Democrats. Free cash – poop a vote. Free college – poop a vote. What could be easier?

Here’s the hole in Hillary’s net: Contrary to her assertion, no one has ever been denied higher education “simply because they couldn’t afford it.” If someone really wants to go to college, they by God find a way to go.

It’s a form of natural selection: The strong and committed thrive and survive; the weak and uncommitted fall by the wayside.

But let’s just say, because it’s free, almost everyone goes on to college. Again, natural selection has the final word…

Auntie Hillary and the Democrats


will not attend their classes so they can sleep in. They will not take over the required reading, the homework, the essays, the cramming for finals. No matter how it’s financed, a college degree will always require wanting the degree – and wanting it badly. The kids who are on campus only because it’s free will not stay the course. They will squander the gift.

Mind you, I’m not saying a college degree is proof of superior intellect or a reflection of human value. It’s just that certain careers demand a degree simply to get in the door. After that – like everything in life – success or failure is strictly up to us.

Aunt Hillary and Uncle Sugar don’t have a damn thing to say about it.

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