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User experience is a complex topic. But the simple truth is that links do a lot for users. And you should do everything you can to leverage them.SEO and Digital Marketing, Lead and Demand Generation in Seoni, Seoni,  ECOAVENSTRA | ID: 20849422262

The simple truth is that links do a lot for users.

Ever wonder why the words “author’s note” are circled in yellow above every article? The reason? You get all the users who come to your site directly from the web, look for it in the sidebar, or in the search box and then find the article they are looking for.

According to SEO experts from companies like Victorious, Search Engine Optimization and webmaster links are part of the SEO equation that leads to more backlinks and increase traffic and conversions.

If you build links throughout your site, you can increase your impact on the Search Engine and increase your traffic and conversions.

I had this crazy story about a client of mine who invested in link building over a 3-year period. But a 3-year period for an SEO is a long time, and so he built all his links for the first year while working. Then he built one link per month in subsequent months. Then he was able to build 1.5 link per month for 3 years, building and linking over 1,500 links. He did this at a time when Link Building was not very common and it paid off.

Six months after the SEO, the client found a technical issue on his website that caused him to lose 300 visitors a day. The following day he did a Google search and found this article about SEO that details each tactic, and all the steps to effectively build links. He used this content to link to the content and that day we began to see about 25% increases in backlinks from this article.

If you are struggling with your content strategy, here is a great article on link building:

Link Building – it’s not always about people.

Build links through guest blogging

Guest blogging, or social media sharing, is a big aspect of Search Engine Optimization. If you own a blog and your content is useful to others, maybe this content will gain a lot of value from the content on others blogs.

All you have to do is consider your competition and what kind of content they are doing. Then find your own blog and share that piece of content on social media.

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