MLK & Rosa Parks Are Dead…
And We Don’t Need Them Back

 By Jim Berlin

What we’re seeing across Black America  — starting in Ferguson and continuing at the University of Missouri– is a reenactment of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Part Two. And it’s all B.S.

Drama-hungry Kaneesha and Lateesha want to be Rosa Parks and get arrested for sitting in the front of the bus. But damn! Rosa is dead and you’ve been sitting up front for over 50 years.

Jamal and D’evon and De’ron want to be Dr. Martin Luther King and lead a march. But damn! MLK is gone too, and his dream that men be judged by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin” is alive and well across the land.

No matter. Kaneesha and Jamal want to be Rosa and Dr. King. So they select the justified shooting of a young Black who just pulled a robbery and tried to take a cop’s gun – and call it the White cops’ war on Blacks. Hands up, don’t shoot.

 At the University of Missouri they select isolated racial incidents involving perhaps six white students – out of thousands – and say Whitey is waging a war on campus. They force the University’s president to resign.

Listen up, young drama-hungry Blacks: If you want to be Dr. King and Rosa Parks reincarnated, choose an enemy that actually exists. And it ain’t Whitey.


 Here’s the enemy: The single women who produce 72 percent of all Black babies born in America every year. Those kids have two strikes against them when they draw their first breaths.

Here’s the enemy: The millions of uncaring young Black men who impregnate those same women then walk away – never to spend a dime or a moment of time in their children’s lives.

That’s a horrendous problem in your culture. One truly worth demonstrating and marching against. It is the enemy in your midst.

You don’t need another Civil Rights Movement. You need a Personal Responsibility Movement. 

Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King did their jobs…now it’s time to do yours. Get crackin’ — and leave Whitey out of it.



How the Iran Nuclear Agreement
Made Donald Trump Top Dog

 By Jim Berlin

How is it possible that a poll of Republican primary voters has Donald Trump – a Neanderthal Man in a suit – leading the entire pack of presidential contenders?

To understand the extremes of politics and politicians, picture yourself in front of a grandfather clock as the pendulum swings left to right, right to left…

At the end of the arc, the instant the pretty brass disc runs out of gas – that’s when it’s the weakest. So back it swings, strength and momentum peaking in the middle then diminishing again as it heads for the other edge.

The closer a politician gets to the end of the arc, whether left or right, the less he appeals to mainstream voters as time goes by.

Barack Obama operates on the hard left of the pendulum’s swing. Even worse, as the first president in U.S. history with little or no love for America, most of his decisions are predicated on a desire to right the perceived wrongs of the nation he leads. That is why – in hopes they will forgive the storekeeper – he is willing to give away the store when dealing with foreign countries.

But then along came the nuclear agreement with Iran, literally signed while that nation’s leaders were marching in Tehran and chanting “Death to America!”

This was the final straw for many Republicans, and just as it was placed on the elephant’s back – here was another poll asking who they favored for president.

Donald Trump is as opposite as one politician can be from Barack Obama. He loves America without reservation, doesn’t give a damn whether his words give offense, and would not apologize to his own mother if he accidentally ran her down with his car.

The elephant with the broken back crawled over to Donald Trump and put him in the lead — but the honeymoon is temporary. Eventually the billionaire’s mouth will take him where no Republican will care or dare to go.

Trump will soon be gone. Tick-tock.


Confederate Flag Came Down…
South Carolina Came Up

By Jim Berlin

In the end it took the execution of nine black Christians by a white racist psychopath. But at 10 a.m. today the Confederate battle flag ceased to fly over South Carolina’s capitol grounds.

Some believe that passage of the flag-removal bill by the state legislature and Gov. Nikki Haley is to be greatly admired – a nostalgic farewell to a proud past for the greater moral good. It’s better than that…

Every day South Carolina flew the Confederate flag – it made a damn fool of itself.

The Civil War ended 150 years ago, but it began when South Carolina (where half of the families owned slaves) became the first state to secede from the Union. It was all downhill after that…

In defense of 46,000 plantation owners and four million blacks in bondage, young Southern men and boys embarked on the greatest bloodbath in American history. Before or since.

When it was over, 620,000 soldiers in uniforms of blue and grey never came home again.

But like molten metal the country slowly flowed together again. In a sad string of conflicts since 1865 – two world wars, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan – citizens from the North and South fought shoulder-to-shoulder like the brothers and sisters we are.

Out of two sides came one, even stronger than before.

Today South Carolina ran its Confederate flag down the capitol pole and shipped it off to a museum.

That’s the only place it belongs.

Let Me Tell You About Cops…

 By Jim Berlin 

They think they know all about police and police work. The network and cable pundits, the politicians, the folks who watch endless cop movies and TV cop shows written by people who watch endless cop movies and TV cop shows.

Then they see some twisted barely-trained member of the Podunk PD in South Carolina gun down a fleeing felon for no reason – and now they think they know even more about cops…

Buncha crazy bastards. They all need to be fitted with body cameras – all of them, all across the land. How else to protect the poor persecuted minorities from those crazy bastards with badges?

A rose is a rose by any name, but not the police. The quality of law enforcement – let’s compare it to football – ranges from junior college teams to the NFL.

I played for an NFL-level department, and there are hundreds like it across the USA.

On a fall day in the late 70s almost 3,000 people took the written test for the Phoenix PD, all vying for just 40 openings on the department. The top-scorers then went through a grueling physical fitness test, an FBI background check that reached into our teenage years and a polygraph that dipped into our souls.

Of the 40 recruits that showed up on January 10th, 1977 for class 108, only 22 would pin on the badge five months later. The goal of the people who trained us was to get the quitters to quit.

Fit us with body cameras? Have at it.

During my 21 years on the street – from patrolman to lieutenant –I never took a bribe or knew anyone who did. I never kicked the crap out of anyone who didn’t dearly deserve it. And even when presented with several life-threatening situations where killing someone would have been deemed “a good shoot” – I held my fire and still got the job done. Just like thousands of other cops.

Body cameras? Whatever. If you want to clean up corruption in America, let’s fit the politicians with body cameras – all the way from city mayors to U.S. senators.

Then we’d be getting somewhere.