President Fails to Show Up At
“Presidential News Conference”

 By Jim Berlin

The only thing presidential about Barack Obama’s news conference Friday was that some networks called it a “presidential news conference.”

Obama came across as a tired and subdued middle-aged man treading water in a sea of self-pity: Despite his unceasing efforts to move the country forward, all his plans and dreams have been derailed at every turn in the track by “House Republicans.”

I suspect on his death bed decades from now, Barack will waste a few of his final precious breaths condemning “House Republicans” for his failed presidency.

In American history, where a president ends up on the scale of lousy to great is almost solely determined by whether he can convince and cajole the opposition into getting things done. It is the art of diplomacy and compromise, a balancing act of projecting the power of the pulpit with at least the appearance of humility and good intentions.

Nothing in Barack Obama’s work experience

prior to the White House required diplomacy or compromise. And nothing since has convinced him he needs them now.

His idea of “reaching across the aisle” is to lean over and slap someone.

So what we get is a presidential news conference with no real president in attendance.

Just a tired middle-aged man who can’t get anything done – and may never know the reason why.

Committee on Benghazi Might
Find What Difference It Makes

 By Jim Berlin 

Before the congressional select committee has even pitched its tent The New York Times is calling it “a circus.” Nancy Pelosi, barely able to push the words out through the venom, labeled it “a stunt” and “a kangaroo court.”

When liberal politicians and the newspapers in their pockets get nasty about an investigation yet to begin, it’s because something they hold dear is threatened. In the case of Benghazi, it’s the reputations of Hillary Clinton and President Obama and why they spun the killing of four Americans as fallout from an anti-Muslim video.

But the spin is secondary. What really frightens them is we might discover what Hillary and Barack were actually doing during the long hours as the attack took place.

Why? Because the level of their involvement speaks directly to what kind of human beings and leaders they really are.

It would seem an easy thing for the president

and Secretary Clinton to tell us where they were and what they did to save lives that night. That they have not — says they are embarrassed or ashamed.

They have chosen to remain silent, both of them, because if they lie – and the truth comes out – it will be the end of them.

Hillary said, “What difference does it make?”

The select committee aims to find out – and that’s why the liberals are name-calling and running scared.

Obama Says He Loves Redskins:
It’s “Washington” That Offends

By Jim Berlin

Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters today that President Obama was misunderstood when he said the Washington Redskins should consider changing their name because many people find the word offensive.

“The President loves the name Redskins,” Carney said. “He believes it pays dignified tribute to a proud people. It’s the word ‘Washington’ that is causing needless offense around the world. And when you think about it, something like the D.C. Redskins or even the American Redskins would be just as effective for a football team.”

Carney said Mr.Obama has never been fond of the name Washington, and that many foreigners – particularly radical Muslims – consider it synonymous with The Great Satan.

When contacted about Carney’s remarks, President Obama confirmed he wasn’t referring to the Redskins portion of the team’s name, but the word Washington.

“Let’s be clear about this,” Obama said. “George Washington was a helluva guy and probably deserves the title Father of our Country. But that was a long time ago, and America was pretty much going downhill before I came into office. I’m working to turn things around, but trying to fix all of George Bush’s mistakes is going to take decades and lots and lots of Democrats.”

Obama said if America has any hope of cleaning up its image and being liked again, getting rid of Washington in all its uses

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is a good place to start. “The Washington Redskins is only a tiny beginning,” he said.  “We also need to eliminate Washington as the name of our nation’s capital. And of course, the state of Washington and all 26 U.S.cities named Washington will have to go. Picking new names will be fun for everybody and they’ll be helping their country at the same time.”

The owner of the Washington Redskins, Joe Metuzzio, said he was relieved to learn the President wasn’t criticizing the Redskins part of the team’s 80-year-old name.

“But were not going to change ‘Washington’ either,” Metuzzio said. “I think a lot of Americans still like that word, and Obama can just kiss my football.”



Why Joe Biden Believes
He Could be President

By Jim Berlin

There may be no wider gulf on Earth than the distance between our own self-image and how the rest of the world actually views us.

In its crudest form we see it at the Walmart when a woman of grotesque proportions dresses scantily in order to strut her stuff. As she waddles and wheezes past the other shoppers she confuses their giggles and groans for gasps of wonder and envy.

“They are in awe of my dynamite bod,” she thinks. “By gawd, I’ve still got it!”

Which brings us to Joe Biden. The vice president has made it clear in recent weeks he is seriously considering running for president in 2016. That’s president of the United States. Of America.

The human capacity for self-delusion increases exponentially when the human is a powerful politician. As a U.S. senator and now a second-term vice president, Biden has been treated with exaggerated deference wherever he goes.

The partisan applause is extended and enthusiastic, lame one-liners demand raucous laughter, weak jabs at the opposition are declared worthy of Thomas Paine.

And like the deluded Walmart lady, Joe thinks, “By gawd, they love me so. I could be president of these United States.”

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Dispassionate outsiders would tell Joe it simply isn’t so. While there is true affection for the man among political friends and enemies alike, there is also an intuitive certainty that he isn’t up to the task.

In short, Mr. Biden simply isn’t smart enough to be president. His is not the face we want out there in the world representing everything the country stands for.

But Joe will probably run. He will waddle and wheeze his scantily-clad brain down the aisle and strut his stuff. And when it’s over all too soon he’ll wonder what the heck went wrong.

There may be no wider gulf on Earth…