The Next Fourth of July
Will Be Better Than This One

 By Jim Berlin 

There was both good news and bad news on the Fourth of July.

The bad: As we proudly celebrated the 240th birthday of this great nation, we found ourselves presided over by Barack Obama, the first and only president in our long history who actually dislikes the country he leads. The good: Come Independence Day 2017, someone not named Barack Obama will be living in the White House.

One of the classically-ironic phrases used by B.O. when promoting his twisted perception of America is, “That’s not who we are.” Barack, you have no idea who we are. But we are surely not who you are.

Neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton inspire comfort and joy, but they clearly understand the U.S.A has no peer among the nations of the world. They like America. They know we are exceptional. And, if nothing else, that alone will be a great and glorious leap forward from the dark days of the Obama presidency.

Mr. Obama, nearing the end of his reign, is most concerned now with the legacy he will leave behind. Have no fear, Mr. President, in less than eight years you have forged one helluva legacy…

–You have deliberately worsened race relations between Blacks and Whites, actually widening a divide that had been steadily closing with every passing year.

–By refusing to properly acknowledge and resolutely attack radical Islamic terrorists, Americans are actually nervous now whenever they find themselves in crowded venues.

–Countries that once respected and even feared the potential of our wrath when they did us wrong, now consider us a paper tiger.

I could go on and on, but this is a blog not a book.

The really good news – the greatest of news —  is that America is stronger than the occasional Barack Obama. We will continue to survive and thrive through the worst of leaders and the worst of times.

Happy Fourth of July…for many years to come.



How We Wound Up With
The Worst President Since WWII

By Jim Berlin

There’s a good reason why a recent poll showed one-third of Americans believe Barack Obama is the worst president since WWII. It’s because we have a president who thinks America is no better than any of the other 196 nations on earth.

He made that clear in 2009 when asked if he believed in America exceptionalism: “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

In other words, we’re all just fooling ourselves.

But you can’t fool the feet. Since 2007 the Gallup Poll has been asking citizens of every country around the globe what nation they would move to if they could. Over 150 million picked the U.S.A., with Britain coming in a distant second with 45 million wannabes. The number who longed to become Greeks was only visible through a microscope.

So how did we wind up with a president who is un-enamored with the country he presides over? Quite simply, the national news media – almost 90 percent liberal – never bothered to check the man out. Like giggling teenage girls they were totally charmed by his race, smile, humor and mastery of the microphone. He was cool, and cool was good enough for government work.

So he was never vetted (investigated and scrutinized). Every current CEO of every Fortune 500 company has been more thoroughly vetted than Barack Obama. Every big-city police officer in the country has been more thoroughly vetted than Barack Obama.

To this day, the man is as foggy as a bathroom mirror.

But by their fruits you shall know them, and now we do: the first president in history who thinks America is no more exceptional than Greece.

Obama to ABC’s Jon Karl:
“Why Are You So Mean?”

By Jim Berlin 

When ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Mr. Obama on Monday whether Mitt Romney had been right in their 2012 debate when he said Russia was America’s main geopolitical foe (Obama mocked him for it), it marked the second time the reporter has annoyed the president with a tough question.

The first was back in September when Karl pressed and irritated Obama for not carrying through on his promise to punish Syria if it used chemical weapons. The president, who only expects hard questions from Fox News, approached the reporter after Monday’s news conference and Karl claims the following conversation occurred:

Jon, why have you been such a meanie lately? Why can’t you be more like Diane and George?”

“Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos?”

“Yes. George always asks how our dog Bo is doing. You never ask me about Bo, Jon. Don’t you like my precious little dog?”

“I just figured he was okay, Mr. President.”

“And Diane, she can’t get enough news about my wonderful daughters Sasha and Malia and my wonderful wife Michelle. Have you got something against my wonderful kids and the

wonderful way Michelle and I are raising them…wonderfully speaking? And when’s the last time you mentioned my dazzling smile? Everyone but everyone talks about my smile – but not you Jon. What the hell is the matter with you anyway?”

“I’m just trying to be an actual news reporter, Mr. President.”

“Well, just think about this, Mr. Fancy Pants News Reporter! George and Diane are news anchors, not lousy news reporters. You know why, Jon? I’ll tell you why: Because they love my dazzling smile and my wonderful dog and my wonderful wife and kids. Think about that before you open your yap at the next press conference!”

Obama’s Opinion on Marijuana
Hit Parents Below the Belt

By Jim Berlin

President Obama delivered a casual kick to the groin of all caring parents with teens when he told The New Yorker magazine that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.

Seeking regular-guy status, the reluctant leader of the free world also found it necessary to dredge up his own dance with the doobie, which will lead to the following exchange in thousands of American households:

Parent: “Do you know what happens to kids who smoke pot?”

Child: “Yeah. They grow up to be president of the United States.”

Ouch. Marijuana – One. Parental Guidance – Zero.

Words have weight, and to the masses, the weight increases as the speaker grows larger in the public eye. This is why companies pay movie stars and sports heroes to endorse everything from perfume to pickup trucks.

We equate celebrity with wisdom, with knowing something we don’t know, with possessing an insider’s knowledge of the way things really are.

Google Images

The correlation is a fallacy.

Barack Obama doesn’t know anything more about the dangers of marijuana and CBD vape than you or I or Joe Metuzzio. In fact he knows a lot less than the doctors, scientists and psychologists who put in the actual work of studying it.

The president owes a whole bunch of parental groins a big apology. More important, he needs to remember the weight of his words – before weighing in.