PC: How Something So Correct
Could Go So Horribly Wrong

 By Jim Berlin

In its infancy political correctness (PC) was a benevolent object of interest, a mid-20th century anomaly kept under glass that rational beings could file past and point at and sometimes chuckle over.

PC thrived because it first sprouted on righteous and fertile ground – a move to eradicate the admittedly-offensive term “colored people.” The colored became Negroes – fair enough – but then it was Blacks, and after that the ever-awkward African-Americans.

Our brown brethren from south of the border also underwent a PC makeover, magically evolving from Mexicans to Mexican-Americans to chichanos to hispanics to the current lyrical favorite – Latinos and Latinas. La-dee-da.

Political correctness in the beginning was mostly word-play with little substance or consequence, but then it took a damaging turn: Stupidity became a protected class…and stupidity has run rampant:

A child gets expelled for simply drawing a picture of a gun; every kid on every team from first place to last gets a trophy; illegal aliens are only undocumented – like they simply forgot to stop at the document store after swimming the Rio Grande or scaling a fence near San Diego. Silly them.

The list goes on: Sanctuary cities that spit on American sovereignty, vaginas marrying vaginas, penises marrying penises – nothing is ever out of order in the land of the PC king.

But there are millions of us, a majority I suspect, who see the PC king for the B.S. artist he really is. And because we do, the one candidate who also disdains it – Donald Trump – has been given a temporary seat at the head of the table.

That is the only reason this world-class inarticulate buffoon is taken seriously.


Hillary Can Run…
But She Can’t Hide

By Jim Berlin

Since announcing her presidential candidacy April 12th (not in person, but with a slick video), Hillary Clinton has avoided the press like a bank robber running from the law. She has refused to answer any question about anything.

Her silence on national issues and personal controversies doesn’t bother those referred to as “low-information voters” (dummies). Most low-information voters live on the public udder, the milk pumped into their little birdie mouths by Democrats in exchange for loyalty on election day.

And loyal they are. If a video were to surface showing Mrs. Clinton choking a little dog to death with one hand while slapping an infant silly with the other – all the while screaming “I hate puppies and babies and hope they all die!” – the dummies would still vote for Hillary.

And so will Democrats with brain cells similar to those entombed in the skull of Nancy Pelosi. Just as she told her colleagues they would have to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it, they will vote for Hillary just to find out what’s inside her head.

Unfortunately for candidate Clinton, Republicans, independents and Democrats who are neither dummies or Pelosi-brained

are going to require Hillary to actually answer questions sooner or later.

Even The New York Times, which has carried the Clintons’ water like a Bedouin camel for 25 years, has begun satirizing her for acting like a surly teenage girl pouting in her bedroom.

You can run, Hillary, but if you want to be president of these United States…you can’t hide.


Obama Speech on Terrorism
Proves He is Unfit to Lead

By Jim Berlin

To distract Americans from the scandals fed and fostered by his very own Chicago-style politics, President Obama laced up his tap-dancing shoes and decided to give a 45-minute televised speech Thursday on something. Anything.

The subject was irrelevant; the goal was simply to get his face out there, framed by U.S.flags and looking cool, determined and unfazed by the machinations of mortal men. But what to talk about?

He settled on national defense, and it seemed safe enough at first. He called for the closing of Guantanamo Bay– always a liberal favorite – never mind that he’s been saying it for five years now.

But that left another 40 minutes to fill, and that’s when everything went sideways. That’s when we discovered, again, that the community organizer in presidential clothing is still just a community organizer after all. He has not grown in the job; he has shrunk the job to fit his modest dimensions.

Essentially, the president declared the war on terror is over. I know, it’s stunning. It was only  about al Qaeda. Osama was al Qaeda. Osama is dead.

All that’s left now are a “collection of thugs” and some homegrown terrorists.  He will deal with them.

It’s time to scale back, he said. We need to repeal the congressional Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) – the law that lets our military use all necessary force to

google images

eliminate terrorists. And forget any future drone attacks – unless it can be predicted with “near-certainty” that no civilians will also die.

The war on terror? “This war, like all wars, must end,” Obama said.

Al Qaeda is a drop in the potential terrorist bucket. According to Islam’s own studies, some 37 percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims approved of the 9/11 attack, admit they “hate America,” and support suicide bombers. That’s 440 million Muslims rooting for their brothers to do us harm.

Decades after you and I are dead, America– if she’s lucky, blessed and led by someone larger than Chicago– will still be fighting radical Muslims who want this nation destroyed.

On the contrary, Mr. President. This war must never end.


In Fiscal Cliff Victory, Obama
Should Look to U.S. Grant

By Jim Berlin

With nervously-smiling women in the background to represent the “middle class,” Barack Obama made a surprise speech on national TV Monday and everyone thought it was to announce the successful conclusion of fiscal cliff negotiations.

Nope. Obama went on TV solely to say negotiations were still ongoing, but Republicans were about to agree to tax hikes because he had them over a barrel. And like Bubba the Prison Sexual Predator, he was going to do what Bubba does when he has someone over a barrel.

The audience was composed solely of raucous middle class supporters, and he spoke down to them as he always does when addressing alleged inferiors: dropping the “g” in words ending in “ing,” throwing in a bunch of “gonnas” and even a Y’all. He ended the talk by saying if Republicans thought spending cuts would be a big part of deficit reduction, “they have another thing comin’. That’s not how it’s gonna work.”

The speech accomplished nothing other than to infuriate Republicans, jeopardize the negotiations, and give the president another chance to gloat over winning the election.

It reminded me of another victory, one that played out in 1865 when Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to U.S. Grant at Appomattox. Grant wore an Army private’s uniform with only shoulder straps displaying his rank. He was gracious to Lee…

Your officers may keep their horses and sidearms, Grant told him, and no one in the Rebel army would be charged with treason. Lee politely asked for more:

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All of his cavalry and artillerymen privately owned their horses, he said, and he would appreciate it if they could keep them. It would help with the plowing when they got back home.

Grant borrowed a pencil and wrote out the order on the spot.

As Gen. Lee mounted his horse and rode off with his entourage, a great cheering broke out from the ranks of Union troops. Gen. Grant immediately ordered them to silence.

“The confederates are now our countrymen,” he said, “and we do not want to exult over their downfall.”

Mr. Obama might want to study that incident. It is about what great men do.