What If Obama Has a Fire
Bigger Than Romney’s Pants?

By Jim Berlin

The desperate spin concocted by Democrats to explain Obama’s debate debacle is that Romney lied. Repeatedly. About everything.

That devious Mitt, they say, unleashed such an overwhelming tsunami of dishonesty that Barack was shaken to his moral and intellectual core…thus reducing the poor devil to the equivalent of a nervous little girl in a tutu at her first dance recital.

Mitt Romney – Mormon bishop turned school yard bully. Barack Obama – U.S. President robbed of his lunch money. What’s wrong with this picture besides everything?

Whether or not the challenger’s pants were on fire, or even warm to the touch, should be less disturbing to Americans than this agreed-upon explanation for Obama’s meltdown: If our President can be thrown so easily off his game, if he is incapable of responding rationally when an opponent forcefully goes off script, the nation is in more trouble than we imagined.

Why so? What happens in Colorado doesn’t stay in Colorado. Be assured that our enemies around the world – and our friends, too – took note of Obama’s inability to stand strong and successfully counterattack when confronted by the unexpected.

If that’s disturbing let me drop the other shoe.

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When the Mitt’s-a-liar spin was put together after the debate, he’s Barack Obama and he approved this message. Obviously he saw no downside in adopting the excuse that he was rendered helpless by a surprise turn of events. Here’s the problem with that:

During presidential campaigns the question always arises about how, if elected, the man would react if he got that dreaded phone call at three in the morning…the one where the world has hit the fan and the right decision is demanded right now.

The Colorado debate was in wide-awake prime time.

Eliminate Voter ID Laws —
But You Must Spell Obama

Jim Berlin

Democrats bitterly oppose the voter ID laws enacted by 33 states because it is really, really hard for a lot of people who really, really love Democrats to get a proper piece of identification in this country.

Fair enough. Open the polls to every person 18 and older with a beating heart. Positively no ID required. Just one thing: When prospective voters show up on November 6 they will be handed a sheet of paper bearing a single instruction in English and Spanish:

“Write the first and last name of the current President of the United States.”

Answer it right, you proudly walk away with an “I Voted” sticker on your chest. Screw it up…you slink away with an ink stamp on your forehead that reads: “I went to vote and all I got was this stupid ink stamp.”

Simple enough, right? Oh, there’s just one thing. The President’s first and last name must be spelled correctly. Absolutely no variations allowed.

One cannot get by with Burock, Brock, Bowrock, Buruch, Boorog or Brakh. Just Barack.


Same with the last name: No Ohbama, Oobama, Abumahh, Yobama or Alabama. Has to be Obama.

I don’t care who you are – Republican, Democrat, independent – if you can’t spell the name of the President of the United States after four years, you simply aren’t qualified to weigh in on America’s future.

Who could possibly object to this simple test?