Phoenix Buries Another Cop:
Here’s What Cops Really Are…

 By Jim Berlin 

My Phoenix PD buried another brother yesterday, Dave Glasser, shot in the line of duty. Four thousand citizens and officers from as far as Colorado and Illinois came to salute his sacrifice.

A beautiful young wife widowed, two little kids left without a dad – killed by garbage disguised as a human. Garbage sent to hell on the spot by other officers.

When you mention cops most folks recall a ticket they got that was, of course, never deserved. Believe me: real cops in big cities have neither the time or desire to write traffic citations.

They spend their tour of duty “chasing the radio” – racing from one criminal call to the next. On weekends in the precinct Glasser served (400,000 residents) it wasn’t uncommon to have 50 priority calls waiting when they hit the street. I know…because I ran that very precinct 40 hours a week for six years as a night shift lieutenant. It was the busiest shift in the busiest precinct in Phoenix–America’s sixth largest city.

I spent the first 35 years of my life not really knowing what cops are about. After college and  the Marines I dove into the heady worlds of journalism and advertising. Both pursuits were staffed with clever, intelligent people – folks I considered the Crème de la crème. But as Elton John sang in “Border Song” – Holy Moses, I had been deceived.

When I took my place in the The Thin Blue Line I discovered cops to be the wittiest, brightest  and most clever beings I’d yet encountered. A shiny cross-section of warriors, adventure-seekers, humanitarians and Mother Teresas with daggers beneath their habits. Partners I remember…

Patti, a 120-pound woman I never worried about once the fight was on. She turned into a crazy saber-toothed cat.

Jimmy, a black dude offered major-university scholarships in football and baseball, who would have taken a bullet for me. And I for him.

Anonymous, the funniest guy I ever met…who once dramatically raised his hands during a vicious multi-family fight and demanded silence: “I need to use your bathroom!” he shouted. The combatants waited in silence until he reappeared three minutes later and proudly announced: “I just dumped the Father of all Turds in your toilet. Do you have a plunger?”

That was the end of the family fight.

Big-city street cops…God, I loved them so.  And so did Dave Glasser. I’ll see you at the next call, Brother.


200 Million 911 Calls to Cops…
911 Calls to Al Sharpton: Zero

 By Jim Berlin 

All the tiresome whining and protesting by liberals and some in the black community over alleged police persecution reminds me of teenage girls primping and preening before their mirrors each morning before setting off to school.

“I have to look great,” they think, “because all eyes will be on me.”

No, they won’t be. As the late author David Wallace so beautifully put it: “You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.”

The anti-police protesters are those teenage girls in the mirror, convinced by a controversy-hungry media and professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton that their demonstrations are meaningful and the talk of the town.

The truth is almost no one with a mature brain gives a damn about, or lends credence to, their mythical story of nationwide police brutality and race discrimination.

Law abiding, hard-working blacks and whites, Latinos and Native-Americans, straight and gay – all are thinking about themselves and their loved ones – not the girls in the mirror.

They are thinking about their jobs and getting an education and getting on with their lives day after day – not the girls in the mirror

And because they are law-abiding, their fear

of the police is limited to the chance they might pick up a ticket for speeding or running a red.

The law-abiding also don’t think of the girls in the mirror when trouble strikes. They dial 911 – as they did over 200 million times last year – and a stranger with a badge showed up to help them out. Sometimes to even die for them.

In fact since the turn of the century over 2,000 American officers have fallen in the line of duty – never to rise again.

Al Sharpton would not die for the girls in the mirror – or for anyone else.