Jane Fonda Still Cashing In
On the Country She Hated

  By Jim Berlin 

Jane Fonda is all over American TV and the news again promoting her new hit movie This is Where I leave You. But for me her mind and body will forever remain frozen in Hanoi, July of ’72, an NVA helmet on her head and sitting in the gunner’s seat of an antiaircraft gun.

One of the same guns used to shoot down dozens of American warplanes, resulting in the death or imprisonment of every single pilot. The photo marked the conclusion of Fonda’s North Vietnam tour in which she produced 10 radio broadcasts supporting an enemy that killed 50,000 of our sons and daughters.

Jane even met with American POW’s and reported they were being wonderfully treated. When they eventually started coming home and told the truth – they were systematically tortured – Fonda called them “hypocrites and liars.”

Her apologies for supporting an enemy during wartime were half-hearted, half-assed, decades too late and always timed with the promotion of another book or film.

And it wasn’t just war that bugged Jane – but that whole ugly democracy thing. She told University of Michigan students in a speech, “If you understood communism, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communists.”

Hollywood, of course, never missed a beat in its embrace of Hanoi Jane. In the years after the tour she was nominated six times for Best Actress and won once. I expect that

mindlessness from Hollywood – largely a collection of America-haters. It’s the people – some who claim to be patriotic — who actually spend money to see her movies that I don’t understand.

Everybody talks about how lovely Jane looks for a 76-year-old. I wouldn’t know. To me she will always be that ugly 35-year-old traitor in the seat of an enemy antiaircraft gun.

That is where she left me. She never aged a day after that.

Jesus Forgives Jane Fonda:
Can I Do Anything Less?

By Jim Berlin

Reacting to a veteran’s Facebook call for a boycott of the movie “The Butler” – in which Jane Fonda portrays Nancy Reagan – the actress advised those who still hold a grudge against her to “get a life.”

Fonda remains proud of her anti-Vietnam War activities, but has apologized several times over for the infamous 1972 photo of her sitting behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi. She explained she was exhausted at the time and was cleverly manipulated by her hosts.

She was exhausted because she had spent the previous two weeks in North Vietnam on a propaganda tour, which included 10 radio broadcasts slamming America and the U.S. military.

She was well-rested a year later, however, when she denied claims from returning American POWs that they had been routinely tortured while in captivity. It didn’t happen, she said: They were “hypocrites and liars…military careerists and professional killers.”

The anti-aircraft gun photo – which is all Jane has ever apologized for – was only the icing on the devil’s food cake.

But there is this dilemma: Jane Fonda became a

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born-again Christian in 1998, which has thrown many of her detractors into a moral dither. Jesus forgives his followers all of their sins, so how can her fellow Christians – myself included — do anything less?

I have never watched any film in which Jane Fonda appears and never will. But when we meet one day in paradise, I vow not to call her what rhymes with rich. I shall march right up to her, throw my arms open wide, and say in all sincerity:

“Welcome to heaven, you b-b-b-b…beautiful soul.