As Dems Deny Knowing Obama,
The Cock Crows Itself Hoarse

 By Jim Berlin

Descendants of that cock that crowed when St. Peter thrice denied knowing Christ are being heard across America as Democrats fighting for reelection try to distance themselves from Barack Obama.

Take Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, who actually voted 99 percent of the time for the president’s policies in 2013. Those same lips so intimately familiar with Obama’s derriere parted to say this in a recent debate: “Let me tell you, the White House when they look down the front lawn, the last person they want to see coming is me.”

Michelle, peeking through the White House curtains: “Omigawd, here comes Udall again.”

Barack: “What’s he carrying this time?”

Michelle: “What else? A big bag of Hershey’s Kisses.”

Damnit! How many times do we have to tell him – ‘Mark, we only eat Godiva chocolates here.’ And every time he shows up with Hershey’s. He’s the last person I want to see coming across the lawn.”

Apparently Colorado voters are also tired of the senator and his Kisses. Like a majority of other incumbent Democrats suddenly denying their love for the president, he is trailing his Republican opponent by several points.

The roosters, like the chickens, are coming home to roost.