How the Iran Nuclear Agreement
Made Donald Trump Top Dog

 By Jim Berlin

How is it possible that a poll of Republican primary voters has Donald Trump – a Neanderthal Man in a suit – leading the entire pack of presidential contenders?

To understand the extremes of politics and politicians, picture yourself in front of a grandfather clock as the pendulum swings left to right, right to left…

At the end of the arc, the instant the pretty brass disc runs out of gas – that’s when it’s the weakest. So back it swings, strength and momentum peaking in the middle then diminishing again as it heads for the other edge.

The closer a politician gets to the end of the arc, whether left or right, the less he appeals to mainstream voters as time goes by.

Barack Obama operates on the hard left of the pendulum’s swing. Even worse, as the first president in U.S. history with little or no love for America, most of his decisions are predicated on a desire to right the perceived wrongs of the nation he leads. That is why – in hopes they will forgive the storekeeper – he is willing to give away the store when dealing with foreign countries.

But then along came the nuclear agreement with Iran, literally signed while that nation’s leaders were marching in Tehran and chanting “Death to America!”

This was the final straw for many Republicans, and just as it was placed on the elephant’s back – here was another poll asking who they favored for president.

Donald Trump is as opposite as one politician can be from Barack Obama. He loves America without reservation, doesn’t give a damn whether his words give offense, and would not apologize to his own mother if he accidentally ran her down with his car.

The elephant with the broken back crawled over to Donald Trump and put him in the lead — but the honeymoon is temporary. Eventually the billionaire’s mouth will take him where no Republican will care or dare to go.

Trump will soon be gone. Tick-tock.


Surrender Monkeys Save U.S.
From “Sucker Deal” With Iran

By Jim Berlin

When politics trump common sense we get the mess we’re seeing in America’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The U.S. team, hats in hand, were practically begging the Iranians to let us ease the crippling trade and financial sanctions that brought them to the table in the first place. In exchange, they only had to promise…practically nothing.

They would agree to “slow down” uranium enrichment, allow inspection of some but not all enrichment facilities, and give us a peek – but only a peek – at their efforts in plutonium development. (Plutonium bombs make just as big a bang as uranium bombs.)

Still, that was good enough for the eager U.S. team. The reason: Their boss, President Obama, desperately wants a “big win” to distract attention from the string of failures that has pushed his approval ratings to an all-time low. Something that would justify the Nobel Peace Prize he received only moments after taking office.

Only the French negotiators, the supposed cheese-eating surrender monkeys, stepped up to save us from ourselves. They called the agreement “a sucker deal” and blew it right off the table.

Some things are simple and this is one of them. Iran says its nuclear development is for peaceful purposes only. Fine. They must cease unranium enrichment and plutonium development and grant us total and immediate

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access to any and all sites even remotely connected to these efforts. No exceptions.

Once that is accomplished, we’ll talk about easing sanctions.

Israel’s President Netanyahu understands this. He knows if Iran gets the bomb they will drop it squarely on Tel Aviv, and from that moment on Israel will exist only in The Old Testament. Netanyahu wants his nation to survive. Obama wants his reputation to survive.

I just might start eating french fries again.