Millenials’ Love for Bernie:
Someday They’ll be Sorry

 By Jim Berlin

The human race is actually a slow walk, an endless column plodding through time. Each day some of the oldest marchers falter and fall by the wayside, only to be replaced by fresh young faces at the end of the line.

And each generation of those fresh faces believes itself the first humans of consequence to inhabit the Earth.

They acknowledge their parents and grandparents, of course, but the old folks’ major contribution was to bring this finest of new generations into existence: Thee generation – finally! – with all the answers.

The current crop of fresh faces are called Millenials (ages 18 to 34) and they have lined up like lemmings behind Bernie Sanders.

Bernie has promised them not only free breakfast, lunch and dinner, but free college, free health care and a complimentary weekly massage by a masseuse with magical fingers.

The old people in the human race know that Bernie is blowing unicorn smoke up those

eager young noses. But wisdom is wasted on the elderly; their voices never carry to the back of the line.

But as I said, the human race never stops plodding. To their sad surprise the Millenials will eventually see their hair grow thin and gray as the line lengthens behind and grows shorter ahead.

And one day, surely, they will recall their brief flirtation with Bernie and wonder…

What the hell were we thinking?