It’s Time to End Love Affair
Between Obama and the Media

By Jim Berlin

The election of Barack Obama was at once a grand and foolish experiment. Prior to becoming a U.S. senator just eight years ago, he was a $50,000-a-year state senator and a law school instructor (not a professor).

Before that – a “community organizer.” No one outside of Chicago knows what that is. No one anywhere knows if he was any good at it.

His past was devoid of personal illumination: There seemed to be no lifelong friends. No one spoke of having worked or hung out with him.

And then he made that keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Great speech, great grin, great charisma. They were the only credentials the media required.

He had them at hello. They were hopelessly in love…

It was and continues to be the greatest failure in the history of American journalism. No vetting, no investigative reporting, no probing his past.

All the media knew was they wanted him

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to be President. They still do.

The saying goes if you fool me once it’s your fault. This time around it’s all on us.

If Barack Obama wins again, it will be proof that the dumbing down of America is complete.