Why Bergdahl is Obama’s BFF

By Jim Berlin

Now that the Army has finally done what we knew they would — charged Bowe Bergdahl with deserting in Afghanistan and hooking up with the enemy — you might think that mess on President Obama’s face is rotten egg.

After all it was Barack who freed five of the most notorious Taliban leaders from Guantanamo – all killers of American boys and girls — to trade for Bergdahl. Five, when just one would likely have sufficed.

Not content with that, Barack grandly announced the swap in a Rose Garden ceremony with the deserter’s parents at his side. We were all moved by the sight of Bowe’s proud papa, a student of Islam who came equipped with his very own jihadist-looking beard. (Notably absent from the ceremony were any parents of the real soldiers killed while searching for Bergdahl.)

So why did our president pretend it wasn’t a traitor he was bringing home but some kind of soldier hero – a modern-day reincarnation of General George Patton?

People who want to give the president an out say the swap was simply a necessary subterfuge – a cover story for his vow to close that evil Guantanamo Bay. What better way to speed the process than by releasing the five baddest actors in the joint? No prisoners…no prison.

The stink in that story – besides being false – is everyone knew the five Taliban leaders would get back to their terrorist networks as soon as their one-year probation was up. And sure enough, U.S. intelligence says three of the five are already planning a return to the battlefield.

So, again, why would Obama celebrate the

release of five Taliban leaders with American blood on their hands…knowing they would add fresh American blood to those hands in the future? Five leaders exchanged – not for a General Patton – but for a two-bit deserter who joined forces with that very same enemy?

I’ll tell you why. When the swap took place in 2014, Obama spokesman Susan Rice – certainly with his approval – defended the trade by saying Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

There it is. To Obama, a man who turns his back on the U.S.A. and goes over to the enemy is an honorable man worthy of a Rose Garden ceremony. And men who war against America – and will war again in the future – cannot be allowed to rot behind bars at Guantanamo Bay. To the president’s twisted thinking, the trade was a win-win situation.

Only one of the two men at that Rose Garden ceremony wore a Muslim beard. The other still shaves every day, but when he leaves the White House in 2017, I’m betting he leaves the razor, too.

Obama Says ‘Christmas’ Hurtful:
Wants Us To Call It ‘Ham Day’

 By Jim Berlin 

I’ve heard, that at an impromptu press conference with reporters accompanying him on his Hawaiian vacation, President Obama said he believes Christmas should no longer be called Christmas.

“Unfortunately, the word Christ is in it,” Obama said, “and many Americans – Muslims, atheists, witches – find that word offensive. C’mon, people, we’re better than that!”

The fear of giving offense, Obama said, is why his family does not exchange Christmas presents and rarely attends church.

“Look,” the president continued, “if we can call Thanksgiving ‘Turkey Day’ – which I strongly recommend – why can’t we call Christmas ‘Ham Day’? Muslims might find that offensive also, but it’s better than throwing Jesus in their faces every December 25th.”

“What about Easter, Mr. President?” a reporter asked.

“Easter? Oh…you must mean The Festival of Bunnies,” Obama said. “That’s a really fun holiday, and I love my hard-boiled eggs with lots and lots of salt.”

The president conceded that eliminating the word Christmas might be controversial,

 especially when he issues an executive order banning it from all government publications: “But like I said, shoving Christ down the throats of Muslims, atheists and witches is just not the American way.”

The press conference ended moments later when Mr. Obama boarded the presidential helicopter for a flight to a nearby golf course. But reporters heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of sight…

“Happy Ham Day to all, and to all a good night!”