The Next Fourth of July
Will Be Better Than This One

 By Jim Berlin 

There was both good news and bad news on the Fourth of July.

The bad: As we proudly celebrated the 240th birthday of this great nation, we found ourselves presided over by Barack Obama, the first and only president in our long history who actually dislikes the country he leads. The good: Come Independence Day 2017, someone not named Barack Obama will be living in the White House.

One of the classically-ironic phrases used by B.O. when promoting his twisted perception of America is, “That’s not who we are.” Barack, you have no idea who we are. But we are surely not who you are.

Neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton inspire comfort and joy, but they clearly understand the U.S.A has no peer among the nations of the world. They like America. They know we are exceptional. And, if nothing else, that alone will be a great and glorious leap forward from the dark days of the Obama presidency.

Mr. Obama, nearing the end of his reign, is most concerned now with the legacy he will leave behind. Have no fear, Mr. President, in less than eight years you have forged one helluva legacy…

–You have deliberately worsened race relations between Blacks and Whites, actually widening a divide that had been steadily closing with every passing year.

–By refusing to properly acknowledge and resolutely attack radical Islamic terrorists, Americans are actually nervous now whenever they find themselves in crowded venues.

–Countries that once respected and even feared the potential of our wrath when they did us wrong, now consider us a paper tiger.

I could go on and on, but this is a blog not a book.

The really good news – the greatest of news —  is that America is stronger than the occasional Barack Obama. We will continue to survive and thrive through the worst of leaders and the worst of times.

Happy Fourth of July…for many years to come.



Michelle’s & Barack’s War
On American Race Relations

By Jim Berlin

Barack and Michelle Obama had the best opportunity in U.S. history to erase some of the last vestiges of distrust between black and white Americans.

But…not only did they fail to maintain even the status quo, they managed to rip the scar tissue from old wounds and start the bleeding all over again.

The First Lady’s recent commencement speech at all-black Tuskegee University was typical of the grenades she and her husband have tossed into race relations. Instead of focusing on congratulating the students and celebrating the bright world that awaits them, she urged them to overcome the “daily stings” they will suffer for their blackness – the same “daily stings” she and Barack have suffered “throughout our lives.”

One has to ask: Michelle, who exactly is stinging you every day of your life for being black? The Secret Service that risks life and limb to protect you? Your personal White House chefs and housekeepers? The crew of Air Force One as they fly you on sightseeing trips around the world?

For his part, the president has linked arms

with professional race-baiter Al Sharpton, who has been invited to the White House more than 70 times. Together they have helped paint normal police-criminal confrontations in places like Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City as evidence of police-gone-wild against blacks.

Barack and Michelle are bright people, so I can only surmise they are working to widen the gap between the races for reasons both personal and political.

Their real motives may never be known, but the opportunity they wasted and betrayed is a monumental shame. And another lesson in the danger of electing someone to the presidency we know nothing about.