Obama Speech on Terrorism
Proves He is Unfit to Lead

By Jim Berlin

To distract Americans from the scandals fed and fostered by his very own Chicago-style politics, President Obama laced up his tap-dancing shoes and decided to give a 45-minute televised speech Thursday on something. Anything.

The subject was irrelevant; the goal was simply to get his face out there, framed by U.S.flags and looking cool, determined and unfazed by the machinations of mortal men. But what to talk about?

He settled on national defense, and it seemed safe enough at first. He called for the closing of Guantanamo Bay– always a liberal favorite – never mind that he’s been saying it for five years now.

But that left another 40 minutes to fill, and that’s when everything went sideways. That’s when we discovered, again, that the community organizer in presidential clothing is still just a community organizer after all. He has not grown in the job; he has shrunk the job to fit his modest dimensions.

Essentially, the president declared the war on terror is over. I know, it’s stunning. It was only  about al Qaeda. Osama was al Qaeda. Osama is dead.

All that’s left now are a “collection of thugs” and some homegrown terrorists.  He will deal with them.

It’s time to scale back, he said. We need to repeal the congressional Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) – the law that lets our military use all necessary force to

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eliminate terrorists. And forget any future drone attacks – unless it can be predicted with “near-certainty” that no civilians will also die.

The war on terror? “This war, like all wars, must end,” Obama said.

Al Qaeda is a drop in the potential terrorist bucket. According to Islam’s own studies, some 37 percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims approved of the 9/11 attack, admit they “hate America,” and support suicide bombers. That’s 440 million Muslims rooting for their brothers to do us harm.

Decades after you and I are dead, America– if she’s lucky, blessed and led by someone larger than Chicago– will still be fighting radical Muslims who want this nation destroyed.

On the contrary, Mr. President. This war must never end.