President Fails to Show Up At
“Presidential News Conference”

 By Jim Berlin

The only thing presidential about Barack Obama’s news conference Friday was that some networks called it a “presidential news conference.”

Obama came across as a tired and subdued middle-aged man treading water in a sea of self-pity: Despite his unceasing efforts to move the country forward, all his plans and dreams have been derailed at every turn in the track by “House Republicans.”

I suspect on his death bed decades from now, Barack will waste a few of his final precious breaths condemning “House Republicans” for his failed presidency.

In American history, where a president ends up on the scale of lousy to great is almost solely determined by whether he can convince and cajole the opposition into getting things done. It is the art of diplomacy and compromise, a balancing act of projecting the power of the pulpit with at least the appearance of humility and good intentions.

Nothing in Barack Obama’s work experience

prior to the White House required diplomacy or compromise. And nothing since has convinced him he needs them now.

His idea of “reaching across the aisle” is to lean over and slap someone.

So what we get is a presidential news conference with no real president in attendance.

Just a tired middle-aged man who can’t get anything done – and may never know the reason why.