Syrian War Opponents Put U.S.
Between a Rock and Red Chalk

By Jim Berlin

The vast majority of homicides in any large city involve what police privately refer to as “A-holes killing A-holes” – gang wars, drug wars and senseless feuds between people whose combined IQs rarely exceed single digits.

Which brings us to the Syrian civil war, where America-hating President Assad is fighting rebels who largely hate America with equal or superior passion. A-holes killing A-holes.

Non-intervention for the U.S.would be a no-brainer if not for Syria’s possession of tons of chemical and biological weapons. If rebels gain control of the stuff it could be used against Israel or America.

The solution, some say, is to identify and arm only those rebels who support Uncle Sam. This is akin to asking Martin Luther King to go to a KKK rally and peek under the sheets until he finds a friendly face.

All of this puts President Obama in a tough spot, made even tougher by his reckless use of a piece of washable red chalk he took from one of his daughters. Mr. Obama used it months ago to  draw a “red line,” saying if President Assad crossed it by employing chemical weapons there would be “serious consequences.”

According to British, Israeli and our own intelligence services, Assad has done just that.

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The “serious consequences”? He now has chalk dust on the soles of his shoes.

President Obama, who wishes he had never taken that red chalk from his daughters,  says he wants even more proof of chemical use. He has asked those clever sleuths at the United Nations to investigate further. After that, he will ask the Boy Scouts of America and the Daughters of the American Revolution to look into it, too.

The best thing America can do in Syria is what she’s already doing: almost nothing. If rebels get control of the biological and chemical stockpiles, we either secure or destroy them. When you have A-holes fighting A-holes, no solution is ideal.