America’s Presidential Election:
A Choice Between Liar Or Fool

 By Jim Berlin

You can tell some people are lying because their lips are in motion. You can tell Hillary Clinton is lying even before her lips move, because we know she is forming the lie in her head.

Since lying is part of her DNA – the very fabric of her being – it must also affect her personal life. For example, if she feels an urgent need to urinate but a restroom trip is inconvenient, she must tell herself: “I have no need to pee.”

If she then wets herself she is required to perpetuate the lie: “No, I did not pee my pants. Either I am unknowingly pregnant and my water just broke, or, because of the high humidity a part of me that rarely sweats is sweating profusely.”

As an equal opportunity critic, however, I must point out that Donald Trump’s DNA is also gravely flawed. He is – let me be gentle – a narcissistic fool.

Narcissistic is self-explanatory. When Donald gazes into a mirror he sees a handsome Greek deity smiling back at him and giving a thumbs-up. But by fool, I do not mean he is stupid. His IQ is no better or worse than average.

Donald is a fool because he has no mastery over the most precious of all human gifts – his mind. Whatever bizarre concept pops

into his head, he is immediately compelled to verbalize it. He gives no thought to its layered meanings or consequences. What enters his head must exit his mouth.

So…in this election we have two choices: A liar or a fool.

I still lean toward the fool, in the desperate hope that he might be surrounded by wise people who could keep him in check.

Surrounding a liar with truthful people is a less likely scenario. Liars are more comfortable with fellow liars at their elbows.

Liar or fool. What a frightening quandary for the American voter.


Obama Needs to Find G-Spot

By Jim Berlin

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are Harvard law grads who attended elite schools from an early age, so each has limited success connecting with the so-called common folk.

Romney is least adept at the game and the least engaged in it; he recognizes the futility of trying to be one of the guys. Bluejeans and an open shirt collar are as far as he ventures across the great divide, and that’s just fine with his supporters.

President Obama works a lot harder at being just like you, whoever you happen to be. And when it’s a blue-collar audience the core of his strategy is the loss of the letter “g” — that esteemed seventh member of the alphabet that makes possible everything from God to golly gee.

Specifically, Obama drops the g from all words that end in “ing.”

And suddenly, the esteemed former editor of the Harvard Law Review is walkin’ and talkin’ and prayin’ and workin’ hard for all the hard-workin’ folks livin’ in this land.

And the faithful hear these strings of earthy contractions delivered with the fervor and flair of a traveling evangelist, and they believe, brother, they believe. This man is one of us. This here is a politician who ain’t lyin’!

Frankly, I get downright embarrassed for the President of the United States when he stoops to conquer by going all cornpone and talking like he thinks we talk. I don’t want a President who bows to anyone, but he certainly needs to doff his cap to the King’s English. All the time.

We know very well Mr. Obama doesn’t speak to his family like that in the White House. He doesn’t even speak to his dog “Bo” like that:

“Hey, Bo, let’s you’n me go a walkin’.” It does not happen.

Mr. President, find the letter “g” and don’t ever let go of it again.