PC: How Something So Correct
Could Go So Horribly Wrong

 By Jim Berlin

In its infancy political correctness (PC) was a benevolent object of interest, a mid-20th century anomaly kept under glass that rational beings could file past and point at and sometimes chuckle over.

PC thrived because it first sprouted on righteous and fertile ground – a move to eradicate the admittedly-offensive term “colored people.” The colored became Negroes – fair enough – but then it was Blacks, and after that the ever-awkward African-Americans.

Our brown brethren from south of the border also underwent a PC makeover, magically evolving from Mexicans to Mexican-Americans to chichanos to hispanics to the current lyrical favorite – Latinos and Latinas. La-dee-da.

Political correctness in the beginning was mostly word-play with little substance or consequence, but then it took a damaging turn: Stupidity became a protected class…and stupidity has run rampant:

A child gets expelled for simply drawing a picture of a gun; every kid on every team from first place to last gets a trophy; illegal aliens are only undocumented – like they simply forgot to stop at the document store after swimming the Rio Grande or scaling a fence near San Diego. Silly them.

The list goes on: Sanctuary cities that spit on American sovereignty, vaginas marrying vaginas, penises marrying penises – nothing is ever out of order in the land of the PC king.

But there are millions of us, a majority I suspect, who see the PC king for the B.S. artist he really is. And because we do, the one candidate who also disdains it – Donald Trump – has been given a temporary seat at the head of the table.

That is the only reason this world-class inarticulate buffoon is taken seriously.