Obama a Lousy Horse Trader:
Swaps Terrorists for a Bad GI

 By Jim Berlin

In the Old West a clever horse trader could start off with a broken down nag and – through incremental improvements as he swapped horse-after-horse – wind up with a stallion any cowboy would be proud to own.

If President Obama had been an Old West horse trader he would have wound up holding the leash to a three-legged raccoon with one good eye.

The president’s latest trade was typical. He released five leading Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo – jihadist crazies who can’t wait to kill more Americans – in exchange for one U.S. soldier named Bowe Bergdahl. And this is a soldier in name only.

He either handed himself over to the Taliban or was taken captive after deserting his guard post in Afghanistan. Six real U.S. soldiers died in the ensuing search for Bergdahl, a man who later told his parents in an email that he is “ashamed to be an American.”

None of these inconvenient facts have dampened plans for a big welcome-back reception in Bergdahl’s hometown. The citizens of Hailey, Idaho are already hanging yellow ribbons and promoters say “thousands will attend” the ceremonies.

If someone were looking for a good place to unload a three-legged raccoon with one good eye, Hailey, Idaho looks like a great place to start.

Don’t be surprised if Mr. Obama is there when Bowe Bergdahl comes – not marching – but crawling home.

Fort Hood Warriors: Do They
Need to “Shelter in Place”?

By Jim Berlin 

Other than the traditional medals for bravery – from the Bronze Star to the Medal of Honor – no award is more proudly worn by an Army soldier than the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Known simply as the CIB, the wreath-embraced musket on a field of infantry blue is meant to be earned the hard way by grunts and Special Forces: in a firefight with the enemy. He’s shooting at you, you’re shooting at him.

A matter of life and death.

Tens of thousands of CIBs have been bestowed in Iraq and Afghanistan, so when a GI started shooting Wednesday at Fort Hood,Texas, at least hundreds of combat infantrymen heard the public address system telling them to “Shelter in place.”

Shelter in place is a recently-born pathetic phrase that means “Hide where you are and pray the bad man doesn’t find you.” It’s reminiscent of advice once given women to lie there and quietly take it when a rapist comes calling. Or to smile and give the robber whatever he wants. Maybe he won’t hurt you.

It’s a phrase only appropriate in some places – a school, for example – where everyone in authority is only armed with good intentions.

Two crazies have now shot up Fort Hood, home to legions of soldiers who wear the CIB. The first crazy was an Islamic terrorist masquerading as a psychiatrist. The second spent four months in Iraq and never heard a shot fired in anger. Both had plenty of time to do their dirty work.

Combat-tested soldiers without mental health issues should be allowed to arm themselves wherever they are – Afghanistan or Texas.

Warriors don’t shelter in place.

Raise the Minimum Wage?
What Would Jesus Do?

 By Jim Berlin 

Some of Jesus’ disciples got all over the rich woman who poured expensive perfume on the Savior’s feet: the perfume could have been sold instead, they preached, and the proceeds distributed to the poor.

Jesus then uttered the hardest and truest of all economic lessons: “The poor will always be with us…”

And they are. When Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964 the poverty rate in America was 19 percent. Today, 50 years and trillions of dollars later (money provided not from perfume sales but taxpayer dollars), the poverty rate is 15 percent.

But President Obama has a plan. In an effort to prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate in November, he has hit the campaign trail with a plea to raises the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.l0 an hour. His reasoning?

“Everyone who works hard should have a chance to get ahead,” he said.

The thing is, the chance to get ahead already exists, and it’s not suddenly receiving a $2.85 an hour raise. It’s taking advantage of opportunities which were in place long before LBJ fired the first shot in the war that will never be won.

You have a chance to get ahead by finishing high school. You have a chance to get ahead by finishing high school and going to college. You have a chance to get ahead by learning a trade or a skill that people will actually pay you good money to perform. You have a chance to get ahead by not having a kid at 17 with no father in sight.

The list goes on and on, and in America, so do the chances.

If you’re not going to believe Jesus, who are you going to believe? Barack Obama?

Future NFL’s Michael Sam Says:
“I’m Gay.” Here’s What I Say…

 By Jim Berlin  

When Michael Sam, the Missouri football star and future NFL player came out of the closet Sunday, everybody from the President to Michelle to Joe Biden raced to publicly praise him as a courageous and inspirational athlete.

I am also inspired by Michael Sam. I’m inspired to say he is a monumental pain in the ass.

I am further inspired to say that those praising him for purely-political reasons are also a monumental pain in the ass.

Gay-schmay, don’t care, yesterday’s headlines. As homosexuals themselves often say – and I’m inspired by the humor in it – “We’re gay, we’re here to stay, get used to it.”

I’m used to it. Life is short; you live yours, I’ll live mine. It’s all fair.

What I will never get used to are wildly egocentric gays like Michael Sam who think the whole world breathlessly revolves around their sexuality.

Being gay is old news, Michael. You are old news.

It’s no longer heterosexuals who are mired in the prejudices of the past. It’s the handful of gays like Mr. Sam who have been left behind and need to catch up.

Michael, listen closely: we have no interest in the object of your affections. Put the microphone down. Go tackle somebody.