Oprah Says Old Whites Must Die:
Old Whites Take the News Hard

By Jim Berlin

In a British TV interview promoting her film “The Butler,” Oprah Winfrey told all of England that in America “President Obama is disrespected because he’s black. It’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody is thinking it.”

The richest Black in America wasn’t done bad-mouthing her country on foreign soil. She also said “older people” have been marinated in racism since their youth “and they just have to die” for racism to die.

Since I and all Whites reading this fall into the category of “everybody,” we now realize any Obama policy we disagree with is not based on substance, but on Black disrespect. I did not know that about myself, but I thank Oprah for setting me straight. I’m sure you thank her, too.

I also fall into the category of “older people,” thus I have been marinated in racism and have to die for the greater good. Damn. Just when life was getting good.

If you are “younger people,” Oprah didn’t say you have to die – not right away at least. I think you owe her a big shout out for that.

Winfrey is a classic racist. She lumps all white people into the category of “everybody” – no exceptions. That’s racism: stereotyping on the

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basis of skin color alone.

I don’t know why Oprah hates white people, especially since they have made her the richest Black in America. But I suspect she has been marinated in racism since youth. Unfortunately, she can only rectify the situation by dying. Sad, but there it is.

In the meantime, people of every color who hate racism need to boycott her film, “The Butler.”

We shouldn’t reward rich racists by making them richer.

Jesus Forgives Jane Fonda:
Can I Do Anything Less?

By Jim Berlin

Reacting to a veteran’s Facebook call for a boycott of the movie “The Butler” – in which Jane Fonda portrays Nancy Reagan – the actress advised those who still hold a grudge against her to “get a life.”

Fonda remains proud of her anti-Vietnam War activities, but has apologized several times over for the infamous 1972 photo of her sitting behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi. She explained she was exhausted at the time and was cleverly manipulated by her hosts.

She was exhausted because she had spent the previous two weeks in North Vietnam on a propaganda tour, which included 10 radio broadcasts slamming America and the U.S. military.

She was well-rested a year later, however, when she denied claims from returning American POWs that they had been routinely tortured while in captivity. It didn’t happen, she said: They were “hypocrites and liars…military careerists and professional killers.”

The anti-aircraft gun photo – which is all Jane has ever apologized for – was only the icing on the devil’s food cake.

But there is this dilemma: Jane Fonda became a

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born-again Christian in 1998, which has thrown many of her detractors into a moral dither. Jesus forgives his followers all of their sins, so how can her fellow Christians – myself included — do anything less?

I have never watched any film in which Jane Fonda appears and never will. But when we meet one day in paradise, I vow not to call her what rhymes with rich. I shall march right up to her, throw my arms open wide, and say in all sincerity:

“Welcome to heaven, you b-b-b-b…beautiful soul.